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Be a YouTube Star: How to Earn Money From YouTube

Do you want to be a YouTube star? Do you have what it takes to be the next trend in YouTube? We’ve all watched viral YouTube videos and we simply can’t resist following them. Being viral and trending in the most popular video website like YouTube comes in different shapes and sizes together with huge responsibility in making sure that you keep your viewers entertained and to ensure you stay on top of the YouTube game. Whether you wanted to be the next Ryan Higa or to be the up and coming “Pen-Apple-Pen” star or simply wanted to feature your favorite pet in YouTube showing grandiose tricks – you can do so while earning money on the side. In this article, let us find out how to make on YouTube.


Do you want to be a YouTube star?

If you wanted to seriously earn money via YouYube, it takes more than banking talent, Internet and fame. Becoming a household name and YouTube trend, takes more than just these aspects and it definitely take much effort and time. It definitely isn’t a quick-rick and quick-fame scheme that you thought it was. YouTube offers various areas in earning extra bucks while doing something you are passionate about. Here are some of the things you need to do to start off your YouTube artist career, and these are:

  • Set up your YouTube channel and build your viewers. Upload short conent regularly like vlogs, funny anecdotes or quick DIY tips regularly. Play with your strengths. If you’re extremely good with makeup – share some make up tutorials showcasing your talent. Keep your video short and fun to attract viewers from following your channel.
  • Make your username creative and quick to remember. Bank on your YouTube name so that your audience will quickly remember and reference you while sharing your videos.
  • Keep your content as entertaining as possible and always listen to your viewer’s comments. Keep your audience entertained by making sure you give them a gist of the next webisode. Make sure you upload and share videos regularly. Even if you have no time, create short videos that can help in keeping your videos fun and funky.
  • Tag videos with appropriate keywords. That way, your video will show up on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Tag and keywords can help you in driving online crowds to your YouTube channel.
  • Earn from ads. Allow YouTube to place ads in your video for that much0needed extra bucks and extra income.
  • Set up your Google AdSense. Make your YouTube channel on top of search engines by signing up for Google Adsense.
  • Check and understand your page and channel analytics. This can help you see trends on your online videos, comments and view. This can also let you understand insight on your viewers which will aid in making more videos.
  • Market your videos in different blogsites. Partner with different companies for placements ads. Make a website or social media page to garner more viewers and fans.
  • Become a YouTube Partner. YouTube Partners and members can monetize their video when they have large number of fan-base or viewer-based.

Are you ready to be the next YouTube star and the newest millionaire? Just follow some of our tips and you are sure going to be the next Hollywood Star of all YouTube videos.

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