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Yahoo is planning job cuts, as part of revival plan

yahoo in 2016

Marissa Mayer’s days as Yahoo Chief Executive Officer are numbered, so she’s trying to do her best in order to bring back growth days at the web portal, even if this implies cutting costs. According to Bloomberg, citing a source familiar with the matter, one of her latest plans consists in eliminating jobs, in order to help streamline operations.

Maybe 2016 will be the year of Yahoo’s comeback. Maybe…

Back in October, Mrs. Mayer said that the portal will present a new set of objectives, before revealing the Q4 2015 results. Considering this, we’re looking forward to seeing Yahoo’s new plans in the upcoming weeks.

“We see a unique moment and opportunity for Yahoo as we move into 2016 to narrow our strategy and focus on fewer products with higher quality to achieve better growth and better results,” she said back in October, on a call with analysts. “We will share the details of this plan in which we aim to delineate our focus, improve our execution, and define our relevance to users at our next earnings release, if not before.”

Ever since she was appointed as CEO, Marissa Mayer tried to find new ways of bringing Yahoo back in the top, like in its glory days, and deal with the growing competition.

The company should do something about the Alibaba stake

In December, Canyon Capital Advisors, one of the Yahoo shareholders, suggested that selling some assets from the stake the company owns in Alibaba Group Golding Ltd should be a priority.

Finally, the fact that the staff at Yahoo will be reduced doesn’t come as a surprise. At the end of Q3 2015, 10700 employees and almost 800 contractors were left in the company. How many of them will leave in the next period it is still unknown, but hopefully, this measure won’t worsen the situation.


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