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Why High-Intensity Interval Training Are Recommended By Fitness Trainers

The world of fitness is going through a transition right now. Previously people were thinking of opting for dieting as a way to get in shape, however with the change in the fitness industry healthy wait is being promoted. You want to reduce weight but you also want to stay in shape, which means relying on a diet is not enough, you need to think beyond just cutting down on calories. This is the reason the fitness industry is now promoting a healthy body image. People are now looking for ways to tone their bodies rather than just becoming skinny. This is another very important reason, fitness trainers are opting for high-intensity interval training, and these training sessions are helpful in rapid calorie burn in a very healthy way. This means you will be burning calories but this will not affect your muscle built, instead, this will only burn fats. High-intensity interval training has many benefits and this is the reason it is becoming quite popular.

As the fitness industry is going towards complete transition, the fitness equipment that was once famous is now not recommended by anyone. Some are far too painful, others end up affecting the back muscles and some are just too difficult to be used alone. Amidst all the change, high-intensity interval training is getting quite famous. This is the kind of training that helps with a high-intensity training phase, followed by a short internal for recovery, and finally, you go to another phase of high-intensity training. This session of high-intensity training lasts for around 30 minutes and you might need proper motivation to complete just one session. This is the reason you are required to take help from a fitness trainer or you can also join a fitness class where you can exercise along with the whole class. Over the last decade, gym instructors are recommending high-intensity training because this helps with rapid results in a very healthy way, although a steady effort is required to get a favorable body shape.

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For beginners who are looking for suitable training and exercises, here are some of the main reasons fitness trainers are recommending high-intensity training.

Early Results

Most people like to save time, they don’t have a few hours because they are working every day. With a job, family time, and extensive household chores, taking time out for yourself feels like a luxury. For people who don’t have so much time, high-intensity interval training is very good. You will not only be saving a lot of time but also getting better results within a very short period. Some workouts are as short as 10 minutes and they can provide better results than most exercises.

No Equipment Needed

We have all been through that stage where we get conscious about our weight and end up buying a lot of products to reduce our weight. We buy clothes, active wear, get a gym membership, and even a few types of equipment so that we can set at home. However, as our motivation fades, we lose interest and so the investment in active wear and other things is no longer there. With high-intensity interval training, you don’t need any equipment. Simple workout where you are required to jump, do some lunges, planks and crunches are quite alright. You don’t need to do anything more than that which means no investment in gym or active wear and no equipment as well.

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Focus On Body Toning

The biggest issue that most women face while dieting is losing muscle. They want to lose weight and get slim but they don’t want to lose the muscle at the right place, dieting helps in losing muscle mass and fat as well whereas, with good cardio and high-intensity interval training, you will only lose fat while retaining your body shape. Your hard-earned muscle will stay with you throughout and you don’t have to be scared to lose it altogether. Cardio will also help you to build stamina so you don’t feel fatigued during your house chores.

Better Metabolism

If you want to lose weight better metabolism will always help. You might have noticed how two people eating the same thing might not gain weight the same way. Some might gain weight more others might not gain weight at all. People with fast metabolism are blessed to shed weight quicker and they burn fat easily. With the help of high-intensity interval training, you can train your body and increase your metabolism rate. This means burning more calories and easily losing weight if you have gained it.

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