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Why Gold Coast is Still the Best Schoolies Destination

Schoolies week is the most anticipated time in the life of an Australian high schooler. It’s the most memorable time of their life when they get to spend quality time with their friends without any elder’s supervision. After high school finishes, a majority of your classmates will leave the city for university. So, plan your schoolies carefully to make the most of these holidays with your friends.

When you think of a destination to spend your schoolies week, the first place to pop up in your mind might be Gold Coast. And you’re not alone in thinking like that!

Schoolies week is celebrated every year by high school graduates in Australia since the early 70’s. Gold Coast is the original schoolies destination and it’s still very much popular among the youngsters. You can enjoy your holidays at this scenic place and participate in various fun activities to create memories you’ll cherish all your life.

Here are a few reasons why Gold Coast is still the best schoolies destination for fresh high school graduates:

Safe Environment

Over the past decades, schoolies week has become a dreaded time for parents. The increasing cases of assault, drug abuse, and accidents have made it difficult for young graduates to spend their holidays without worrying about their safety.

However, Gold Coast is a great place to plan your schoolies, since it provides you with a secure environment. Cops, volunteers, and emergency staff are now present at the most popular schoolies destination during peak hours. They make sure that the youngsters enjoy their holidays in a safe way and stay away from danger. It gives peace of mind and encourages schoolies to engage in healthy activities.

Affordable Accommodation

You took up different jobs during your high school years to save for your schoolies week. But now you don’t want to spend all your savings since you have to join university within a few months. What will you do now?

You should choose a destination where accommodation is available at affordable costs. Gold Coast is one of the best schoolies destinations where you can stay comfortably without breaking the bank. You can share a room with your friends to further cut down on your expenses. You can book a schoolies package through surething.com.au.


No high school graduate wants to miss out on the nightlife during their schoolies week. At Gold Coast, you get various opportunities to enjoy the nightlife. Bars and restaurants arrange events specifically for high school graduates. Just make sure you have your identity card with you to get entry into the premise. Also, try not to binge drink for your own good.


The calm beaches of Gold Coast are the highlights of the city. If you’re in an adventurous mood and want to go surfing with your friends, then you should look for accommodation near Surfers Paradise. You can participate in a wide range of sports activities.

When looking for a schoolies destination, choose a safe and peaceful place where you can enjoy with your friends. When it comes to schoolies destinations, Gold Coast is still the best place to spend your vacations.

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