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Why Cloud Computing is Necessary

Do you know what cloud computing is? If you are unfamiliar than you better get familiar because it is not going anywhere. Whether you are looking to use it for work, school, or home cloud computing is great with plenty of advantages. Cloud computing has been a real lifesaver for businesses and personal users since it’s invention. However, as with anything, there are disadvantages to cloud computing. However, the advantages of cloud computing outweigh most of the disadvantages. According to an article, some of the advantages of cloud computing are: huge cost savings by allowing storage in the cloud instead of on in-house servers, extreme reliability guaranteeing 24/7/365 and 99.9 percent availability, manageability that is web-based where you don’t have to depend on installation, and strategic edge giving you an competitive edge over your competitors. So, what are the disadvantages of cloud computing? Some of the disadvantages of cloud computing are: downtime which occurs when the system is overloaded, security is always an issue especially when you don’t have control over your files, vendor lock-in which makes it difficult to go from one vendor to another, and limited control which means that you don’t have much control over the management and control of your data and services.

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