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Walmart is planning to use DJI for its drone delivery service

walmart drone delivery service

As drones are getting more popular with each day, people start looking for various ways of using them, besides shooting aerial footage. Walmart, the world’s biggest retailer, for example, is looking forward to launching a drone delivery service and has already started looking for a partner.

According to Forbes, they’re hoping to team up with the biggest consumer drone manufacturer, China-based company SZ DJI Technology Co. Their plain is to quickly make deliveries to customers at Walmart facilities and consumer houses.

Tests were already made and they seemed happy with the results

Until now, they have already tested a drone delivery service, using unnamed aerial vehicles, at its indoor facilities, but they want to make a step forward and use this service at a larger scale.

DJI has 9 years since it’s on the market and lately it’s dominating the drone industry. With a value of $8 billion, after receiving a venture funding this May, it controls more than 70% of its market, based on analysts’ estimates. Therefore, Walmart has all the reasons to pick them for their drone delivery service.

“We are very excited to see Walmart exploring this space. Our uniquely high-performance, easy-to-use and affordable aerial technology continues to make DJI the leading choice for businesses and consumers that want to develop innovative unmanned aerial applications.” said DJI spokesman Michael Perry.

DJI doesn’t have plans to develop delivery drones

He also added that currently, there’s no partnership between the two companies. Still, this would be a unique opportunity for DJI, since their products are now used just by consumers or photography-related businesses.

Apparently, DJI has no plans of developing special devices, especially for a drone delivery service, in the near future, even though this seems a very hot prospect and other important retailers, like Amazon or Alphabet, seemed to be interested in it.


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