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Volkswagen’s problems expand as other car manufacturers try to snatch their customers

Volkswagen’s problems don’t show any signs of being over. Their efforts to redeem itself may be in vain as they now face competition in Europe from smaller rivals Ford and Fiat Chrysler. The two car manufacturers have added extra incentives to bait German company’s unsatisfied customers.

Competition is exploiting ‘Dieselgate’

After German car manufacturer admitted to U.S. regulators that they’ve cheated at an emissions test by installing a software on some diesel cars, Volkswagen’s problems don’t seem to stop. Ford and Fiat Chrysler, ranked fifth and seventh in cars sold in Europe, are trying to attract Volkswagen’s customers to trade their old cars.

Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom are the countries in which Ford incentives are available, while Fiat Chrysler’s offer stands only for Italy. Are other car manufacturers trying to profit from Volkswagen’s problems? Definitely yes.

Before the scandal erupted, Volkswagen sold 3,2 million cars, in 2014, while Ford and Fiat Chrysler sold only half combined. “From time to time around the world, we and our dealers offer special offers to encourage customers not currently driving a Ford to consider making the switch,” said Mark Truby, a spokesman for Ford of Europe, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Owner of a 2004 or older VW? You are eligible!

Ford’s offer for new customers varies between 750 euros and 1,750 euros, depending on the vehicle, but the car must be a 2004 model or older. Fiat Chrysler’s incentive is between 500 and 1500 euros.

More powerful car brands like BMW, Mercedes or even Peugeot Citroën said that they don’t plan to follow the footsteps of Ford and Fiat for the moment. With 11 million cars involved in the emissions scandal, Volkswagen’s problems seem to be endless.

Will the German car manufacturer manage to resuscitate its fame and glory? Skeptics would say ‘no’, but let’s not forget that we’re talking about one of the biggest brands in the world!