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Twitter is now testing promoted tweets for the guest version of the site

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Social media website Twitter is looking forward to increasing its revenue stream, exploiting even the users who visit the platform without logging in. To be more specific, we’re talking about promoted tweets and videos, providing advertisers with a new way to scale campaigns for larger audiences, outside the regular user base, according to Adweek.

A new way of generating website clicks

After announcing ad syndication earlier this year, Twitter is trying to support campaigns that drive website clicks, conversions and video views through these promoted tweets, as stated by Deepak Rao, the social network’s revenue project manager.

“By letting marketers scale their campaigns and tap into the total Twitter audience, they will be able to speak to more people in new places using the same targeting, ad creative and measurement tools,” he said. “Marketers can now maximize the opportunities they have to connect with that audience.”

Currently, Twitter can be accessed through three different ways, even if you’re logged out: search, link sharing and through the distribution network (tweets that are shown up as embedded in articles, for example).

Twitter is trying to reach as many users as possible

Seeing promoted tweets, a feature which is currently in its beta stage, isn’t the only thing Twitter has done for users that aren’t registered this year. Back in October, they have launched Twitter Moments, which enables them to view tweets related to major events.

Currently, the promoted tweets will show up only on the desktop version of the site, while the rollout will begin with advertisers from the U.S., U.K., Japan and Australia.


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