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Travel to these 5 destinations for an experience of a lifetime

As a travel lover, you might be keen on visiting every hotspot across the globe. The world is huge and there are a number of dynamic locations that will leave you spoilt for choice. While there are endless options for you to choose from, here are a few that you must visit.

1) Marrakesh, Morocco

A perfect place for those who love art. Marrakesh will inspire you in more than one manner. It will leave you spending long hours at the sought out art galleries and in no time it has become the perfect site for artists and creative designers.

2) Botum Sakor National Park, Cambodia

The largest national park in Cambodia, it is home to a range of ecosystems including grasslands, lush rainforests and plains. If you are here, you have to checkout the Southwest Elephant Corridor that has the largest population of elephants and variety of bird species. You can look for best places to stay on holiday and make your booking in advance. If you are a nature lover, this is the best destination for you.

3) Salina Island, Italy

This destination is untouched and is far away from human interference and tourist crowds. It is surrounded by mountains and trees with a few scattered villages. There are terraced vineyards and a private beach that will make your trip worth it.

4) Zambia, Africa

This safari destination is perfect for wildlife lovers. If you want to live through The Lion King, this is the place to be. You will see a number of co-existing animals and you can book your accommodation at the lodge itself. It will give you an opportunity to get closer to the wild and view antelopes and hyenas when you wake up every morning.

5) São Paulo, Brazil

Sao Paulo is a man made beauty which is also a refreshing break from the naturally scenic places. There is art, thriving food centers and ideal weather. It attracts a lot of foodies and art lovers each year. You can simply walk through the streets and the alleyways to discover art from famous artists.

There are many other destinations that are still untouched and uncrowded. However, these five destinations make it to the top of the list and promise you an unforgettable time. Depending on your personal preference and your personality, you can choose a destination that will feed your soul and will give you a relaxing time. Book the accommodation in advance and choose the best places available for you. All these destinations have tourists in limited numbers and offer authentic dining experiences. Whether you want to explore art or enjoy the thriving wildlife of Zambia, you can have it all. Your experience at every destination will be different from any other place you might have visited in the past. For a travel enthusiast, there can never be enough of exploring and when the world is your oyster, you only need to decide where you want to start.

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