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Towing Services: Roadside Assistance at Its Best

As reliable and efficient automobile companies claim their vehicles are, there will always be some circumstances you will encounter where your vehicle has turned dysfunctional. It could be due to an unfortunate accident or a random malfunction when you would require the service of a tow truck. It is almost always an emergency when you dial for a tow truck service. Hence it is integral that they should be responsible, fast and efficient.

If your vehicle breaks down, there are two possible scenarios. Either you could be on a road that is empty and far off making it hard for you to find assistance or be stranded in the middle of a region with heavy traffic, causing inconvenience to other users of the road. In both cases, assistance is urgent and you need to contact a good towing service immediately. Hence it is ideal to do some research beforehand and save the contact of a reliable tow truck service for such situations.

Types of tow trucks

A tow truck is also known as a wrecker, recovery vehicle or a breakdown truck. It is often a savior on the roads if you get stuck. There are various kinds of tow trucks and it is integral to give the details of your vehicle and the situation to ensure that the right kind of tow truck reaches you.

Some trucks work with the help of a flatbed, which is a plane metal surface fit to the rear end of the tow truck where the car can be lifted and placed. This prevents any further damage to the car or wearing off of the tires. This is also a faster way as no special procedure is required before mounting the vehicle, it can simply be loaded onto the truck.

However, for heavier vehicles and tow trucks with medium power, the usage of a wheel lift is very common. Here, the vehicle is transported by attaching the frontal region to the truck and lifting it with the help of hydraulic pressure. Thus the car follows the truck without any change in direction or sway. Often tow truck services provide a GPS tracking facility as well so you can be assured that your car is safe and in great hands.

What kinds of aid can tow trucks provide?

There are a lot of ways in which tow trucks can come of aid. Donovan Harris from Fast Melbourne Towing explains that many drivers don’t realize the risk of being stranded on the side of the road, especially during rush hour or at night. It is integral to select a reliable service in order to get an efficient and effective service at a time of need. You can read about a few examples of instances where you may require a tow truck below.

1) Accidents: Tow trucks are highly useful in a scenario where there has been an accident and one or more of the parties involved have a dysfunctional car. The truck can prevent any further damage to the car and clear the traffic immediately.

2) Traffic violations: Tow trucks are used by authorities to extract wrongfully parked vehicles to prevent causing any sort of inconvenience to the public. The seized cars are then moved to an impound lot until the owner pays a fine to regain possession of the vehicle.

3) Removal of vehicles that are stuck in a difficult terrain: There can be situations where your 4 wheel drive vehicle encounters an unfavorable terrain and ends up getting stuck. A tow truck can be called for help to extract the vehicle. Terrains such as an area with jutting roots, swamps, or any sudden dips can cause such problems.

4) Miscellaneous tasks: Tow trucks can also be used for rare situations such as retrieving a stolen and abandoned the vehicle, transporting a motorhome from one location to another and even towing a locked car in case you lost the key accidentally. It can be a trivial situation or a crisis that can be solved with ease with the help of the right tow truck service.


Another integral factor to check on before you select a towing operator for your aid is to check their service timings. A situation can occur during any time of the day, even at the dead of the night where the need for help is more urgent. So it is important to choose a service that operates 24×7 and provides quick and effective help.

Another factor is their distance permit. If you require to tow your car across a state, not all tow truck service providers will have the permission to do that. This can come handy if you are far from home, and ergo it can be deemed ideal if the service provider you choose specializes in long-distance transportation as well.

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