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Top 7 meal replacement drinks for weight loss

We all love a good pizza. But when summer comes around and so do fat rolls, it can be somewhat embarrassing to wear a bikini. That’s when we think about a good diet.

Diets come in all shapes and sizes, just like we do. You can search for hundreds and hundreds on the Internet, but let me introduce you another way to lose kilograms. Drinks that replace meals have been present on the market for some time. They really help you feel full instead of snacking. If you consider something like probioslim nutrition, you can always check some goodies out and find a perfect taste. But homemade meal replacement drinks are yummy and healthy as well. Here are seven most efficient drinks that you can make from scratch (almost) at home:

1) Protein drink

-Dry milk – 1/3 cup (2 tablespoons);

-Protein powder – 2 tsp;

-Sunflower oil of cold pressing – 1 tsp

-Powder extract of stevia – ¼ tsp;

-Water – 1 glass;

– 4 ice cubes

-Berries (additionally).

The recipe is simple, mix dry milk with water, add the protein powder and stir until completely dissolved. In this mixture, we mix sunflower oil and add a sweetener – stevia extract, but you can use other sweeteners, which you can buy in a pharmacy.

2) Veggie drink

-Carrots – 500 g;

-Water – 2 liters;

-Beets – 100 g;

-Dry ginger – 2 tbsp

-Apples – 800 gr.

Clean, grate and squeeze the juice from carrots and beets. Boil the water and put pre-washed and pre-cut into slices apples, bring to a boil and remove from heat. Let the apple water infuse for 2-3 hours and add the carrot and beet juice.

3) Cucumber drink

-A cucumber;

-Kefir, 1 glass;

-Oats, 1 tablespoon;


Process cucumber in a blender; add chopped parsley to it. Pour kefir, add oats and mix until the consistency is soft. This cocktail is low-calorie, it satisfies the feeling of hunger, great for girls who want to lose weight, also cucumbers can always be found at home.

4) Ginger drink

-Kefir – 1 glass;

-Cinnamon – ½ tsp;

– Ginger ground – ½ tsp;

-Pepper red ground – ½ tsp.

All the ingredients are added to the blender. Wait until the drink becomes homogeneous. The cocktail is able to improve the functioning of the intestines, which helps you lose weight. Better drink this 30 minutes before eating.

5) Celery drink

-Celery, 500 g;

-Apples, 250 g;

-Tomatoes, 250 g.

If you have a juicer, then the recipe is very concise: let the vegetables and fruits through the machine, mix the juices. Celery disperses metabolism, so it helps you lose weight.

6) Banana drink

– A banana, 1.

-Lemon, ¼ pcs.

-Orange, ½ pcs.

Squeeze the juice from the orange and lemon, mix. Grind, knead the banana, pour juice and blend to bring the mixture to homogeneity. All products are most often found at home.

7) Grapefruit drink

-Grapefruit, 2 pcs .;

-Celery, 100 g;

-Honey, 1 tbsp.

Peel the grapefruit and celery, let through the juicer, mix the juices. Add the honey and mix the whole mixture in a blender.

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