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Top 5 best exercises for people with diabetes!

It take more than a change in lifestyles to keep blood sugar level under control to turn around complications in diabetes. The treatment for this complications may range for dependency on medications to surgery and numerous open options to keep the complications under control. There are other ways to keep diabetes complications from escalating and some of these includes; Treat HBP and high cholesterol levels,watch your diet,drop habits like smoking and drinking and most importantly exercise.

Controlling your sugar level as a diabetic patient does not have to be all about insulin. Exercises can be of a great benefit. People with diabetes are characterized with having too much glucose in their blood and as a result they are resistant to insulin. But with exercises your body can make use of the glucose. Insulin resistant persons can benefit from exercises as it helps the muscle make use of glucose without insulin. One way of making your insulin effective is through exercising. It aids in reducing your insulin resistance and maximizing the use of glucose. The benefits of exercising exceeds the pain.

As a diabetics patient you have to check with your doctor before you begin. He has to check on the state of your heart, your blood pressure and take into consideration other related diabetics complications. Here are some exercises you can engage in;


You can engage in some flexibility training.
Before you begin stretching get warmed up and stretch just to the beak of discomfort and wait till it reduces. Breath will stretching don’t hold the breath in. Hold each stretch for close to 30. You can exercise both the upper and lower body. These exercise helps you reduce muscle and bone soreness and aid in your body’s insulin use.

Try aerobics
Aerobics Exercises helps in sustaining stamina and endurance. It includes walking,running/jogging, basketball and football,Tennis and biking. These exercise helps in blood circulation and helps the heart in pumping blood. Give yourself a time limit of 30minutes exercise and then take breaks.

Start Strength Training
This aids in getting lean muscles and strong bones. It helps in making use of your blood glucose and and also control your glucose level. Push ups and pull ups are great exercises to consider in strength building.

Foot exercises
This helps in circulation of blood in the feet and keeping the feet and and calves strong. You can try ankle rotation,standing on your heel to make blood flow or even rubbing your feet on the floor to create friction.

Practice Taichi
This ancient Chinese exercise helps in improvement of blood flow research has proven that people who completed their sessions experience this and also improve mental and physical health

Experiment with Yoga
If you want to improve flexibility, balance and strength then Yoga is a best bet. It uses fluid movements that helps in stress reduction,glucose level reduction as a result of improvement in muscle mass. It is also effective for nerve function improvement as well as the overall fitness of the body.

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