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Top 3 Hottest Startups of the Moment

Nowadays, everybody can launch a startup. After all, everything you need is a great idea, a team to help you and, of course, some money to invest. But from an idea to turning your startup into a real business is a very long road.

Today we’re focusing on ideas that worked, so here’s a short list with three of the hottest startups of the moment.


According to Business Insider, Twitter bought this really cool livestreaming app before it even launched. What makes it so great is that it allows users to stream footage from their devices – smartphones, mostly – to their Twitter followers. It also has a ‘liking’ system, through which users can send ‘hearts’ to the streamer.

periscope logo

What differentiates it from Meerkat, the most important competitor, is that the footage can be replayed later. Currently, the funding received by periscope is still unknown.


After eco farming, eco cars are the new trend. We all know how popular Tesla is nowadays, even though their cars are far from being affordable. Still, what if we told you that a company called Gogoro, released a plug-free, electric scooter, turning them into one of the hottest startups of the moment?

Gogoro Logo

Powered by a battery, which can be swapped at stations across major cities, the Gogoro scooter can reach 60 mph and run for about 100 miles, in a single charge. Not to mention that it gives onboard diagnostics through a smartphone app! Until know, they received funding over $300 million.


If you’re working in a team, you’re most likely using Slack, the communication app that has taken the business world by storm, so we have all the reasons to call it one of the hottest startups of the moment. Besides the chat rooms, that can be used by the team members to talk, you can also share files, send direct messages to your coworkers and integrate a lot of services into it.

slack logo

Until now, Slack received over $180 million funding, from an impressive list of partners, including Google Ventures, Slow Ventures or The Social+Capital Partnership.

Do you know any other companies which are considered the hottest startups of the moment? Let us know about them, using the comments section below!