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Three Interesting Yard Sites in Kyiv

Strolling across streets can give more pleasure than miscellaneous activities. It refers especially to ancient cities with a long history. The capital city of Ukraine is one of those. According to, you may find various ways how to entertain yourself in Kyiv. The city offers almost everything a tourist may enjoy. However, a sophisticated traveler will not be surprised of numerous monuments, museums, and other sights. If you want to look at a soul of a city, you need to ramble throughout its streets and yards. The following locations will help you get acquainted with the spirit of Kyiv.

Yard with Sundial

Yard with Sundial in the end of the 18th century, Pierre Broullion (mathematics teacher) installed the sundial on the courtyard of the Kyiv Mohyla Academy (former Kyiv-Bratsky Monastery). The sundial operates for now and shows the accurate time. However, this chronometer has one flaw it does not work at night and in cloudy weather. There are several benches near the device. This is a favorite place of the students of Kyiv Mohyla Academy to prepare for a lecture or just have a rest. Besides, amorous twosomes also choose this courtyard to spend the time together because the destination is hidden from city fuss and public eyes.

Location: Kontraktova Ploshcha Metro station. Go along the Grigory Skovoroda Street up to the gate in front of the house No. 5. If the gate is closed, you can proceed to the intersection with the Voloshska Street and move right. Having passed around hundred meters, come into the gate and move ahead to the courtyard of the house No. 4 on the Grigory Skovoroda Street.

Yard with Giraffes

At the entrance to this yard, you will be met by four pink giraffes painted on a face wall of a house. Once this blank wall was not remarkable a usual firewall inherent to a majority of old houses. Someone decided to change this sad view and add a bit color to the dull environment. According to the house residents, this cheerful picture is an output of architects whose office is located in the same yard. The wall of the neighboring house also has a picture – a wheat field and a bright rainbow in the blue sky. This masterpiece also came out thank the masters from the architectural bureau.

Location: Ploshcha Lva Tolstoho Metro station. Go up the Lva Tolstoho Street until the intersection with Volodymyrska Street. Make a justify turn and approach the house No. 77. Enter a house arch and here you are.

Yard with Ravens

In recent years, these birds became a place of interest. Ravens live in a spacious cage in a small courtyard of the house located on the Reytarska Street. An ordinary crow differs from a raven by the smaller size. Besides, scientists admit smartness of ravens. Birds pose in front of cameras with pleasure and taste various treats brought by the visitors. Location: Zoloti Vorota Metro station. Move along the Zolotovorotska Street and make a turn to the Reytarska Street. Enter the arch located on the justify side.

Feel yourself a real explorer and experience the life of local citizens by rambling through the streets of Kyiv.

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