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The iPhone 5se might be a risky, but profitable move for Apple

The rumors about Apple’s plans of releasing a third, compact smartphone in 2016 aren’t new, but almost each time, a new name is mentioned. If until now we’ve heard about iPhone 6c, multiple sources are now pointing to iPhone 5se.

The 4.0″ iPhone could be returning

Basically, the handset could be an improved version of the company’s 2013 model, the iPhone 5s, but with a design similar to the 6th generation, with iPhone 6’s internals. To be more specific, we’re talking about an A8 processor, 8 MP and 1.2 MP cameras, NFC, in order to use Apple Pay, and a couple of improvements.

As for the iPhone 5se name, it could be a serious hint about the phone’s size: 4.0 inches, like the 5s. But the “e”, well, we have no idea about what that stands for.

If Apple will really unveil this phone, the main reason would be the market’s desire for a compact iPhone, since the latest models, with 4.7″ and 5.5″ display are relatively hard to use with one hand by some users. Also, the Cupertino-based manufacturer wants to sell phones, so a 4.0″ device would definitely make a lot of people buy it.

Apple might deal with a huge revenue growth. Or not.

Smartphone make up the biggest part of Apple’s revenue, so the iPhone 5se could significantly contribute to it. But this wouldn’t be the only advantage, as it can take the tech world by surprise, if the rumors related to a March 2016 reveal are to be believed, according to Forbes.

Keeping it short, this smartphone can totally break Apple’s patterns, safe patterns, that is.

Of course, the possibility of the iPhone 5se turning out to be a total flop shouldn’t be ignored. It wouldn’t be the first time for Apple after all, since we all remember what happened with the iPhone 5c.