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The Four Most Scenic Drives in America

It’s fair to say that some of the most beautiful drives in the world can be found in America. Motor enthusiasts looking to travel across the roads of America in hope that they will return with exceptional memories should consider these scenic drives. Here are our favourites, with help from Peter Quinn of Emerald Vehicle Sales.

Overseas Highway – Florida Keys

Situated in the Florida Keys, the Overseas Highway offers one of the most beautiful drives in the whole of America, measuring 181-kilometers in distance, passing through the cities of Miami and Key West, providing an exotic roadway for travellers which will take you through America’s largest collection of coral reefs. Currently, there are two roads, but only one is open to the public to use as a route for driving on. The other is used as a public footpath due to part of it being destroyed in a hurricane in the early 1900s.

Pacific Coast Highway – California

The California Pacific Coast Highway is one of the most popular scenic roads in the country, offering a peaceful and relaxing drive, as well as some incredible sights too. If you are confident that you can take on the four-hour drive, the Pacific Coast Highway offers some of the most beautiful views in California, primarily, the luscious Pacific Coast.

Going-to-the-Sun Road – Montana

The Going-to-the-Sun Road is a breath-taking mountain track, situated in the Glacier National Park of Montana. The road itself stretches to an incredible 80 kilometres and passes through the Rocky Mountains of Western America, offering overwhelming and breath-taking mountainous views and sights of the surrounding beautiful green forest as well.

Seward Highway – Alaska

Constructed in 1951 in the state of Alaska, the Seward Highway measures an incredible 125 miles in distance, offering overwhelming mountainous views, and a peaceful woodland drive. The Seward Highway runs through the beautiful roads of Kenai Peninsula, winding through the course of the Chugach National Forest and passing the Turnagain Arm. It then continues through the Kenai Mountains, making it one of the most relaxing, yet exhilarating drives known to Americans. The Seward Highway undoubtedly deserves a mention on the list of the most scenic drives in America!

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