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The Evolution of Online Casinos

The question of which online gambling website was the first is still a matter of debate, but most popular opinions seem to say that it was Gaming Club, an online casino developed by Microgaming in 1996. The casino is still in operation, albeit having undergone a number of upgrades and improvements over the years, as technology has evolved considerably.

There are now hundreds of online casinos that offer access to a wide selection of games 24/7, and the industry exploded in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, as internet access become far more readily available and internet speeds also improved dramatically.

A far cry from that first offering, players these days are moving away from traditional online casinos and beginning to explore opportunities such as virtual reality casino games. An array of different companies, from colossal corporations through to smaller start-ups have all entered the fray to try to grab a piece of the action.

A Move to Mobile

Search engine powerhouse Google has reported that 2016 was the first year the mobile searches surpassed those made on desktop computers, and it was thus named the Year of Mobile First Internet.

As a result of this, Google has increased efforts to make certain that the sites that have ranked well in search results are able to offer users a good experience, no matter which type of device may be being used to access the page. In order to effect this, Google began promoting sites that show a good mobile response higher in their rankings, and this has in turn incentivised web developers who have not yet made any mobile offerings.

The technology on which internet-based casinos run has advanced massively in recent years in order to adapt to the world of mobile gambling: primitive casino software has become both high-definition and 3-dimensional on desktop and laptop computers, and the introduction and continuing expansion of mobile-friendly casinos has become one of the fastest-growing markets.

Online sites have started creating applications so that players can enjoy a variety of games by means of their smartphones and tablets, including slots, blackjack and roulette. These variations of the most popular online casino games are making it possible for players to enjoy them from absolutely anywhere, and throwing the market wide open.

How Apps Have Changed Online Gambling

The amount of bets placed by means of mobile devices has hit $100 billion, with over 160 million players using their devices in order to visit mobile casinos, place bets, or purchase lottery tickets. By 2018, the mobile gambling industry looks set to be taking as much as 40% of the total market, with this growth more than proving the vitality of mobile casino applications for the online betting industry.

Looking at the Future

There are many other sectors that have started expressing an interest in online gambling: some airlines are even considering providing passengers with the chance to enjoy gambling by means of LCD screens. This will no doubt prove incredibly successful, since boredom is a huge factor on long flights.

Online gambling has experienced massive growth since 1996, and it is highly likely that this growth will continue for the foreseeable future. With online casino games going mobile, the ability to play on a smartwatch and VR casino games already hitting the market, its safe to say that the evolution will continue and that the future is a rather exciting one for those who enjoy gambling.

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