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Tesla is looking for new engineers on Twitter

Over the past years, Tesla has become more than just a simple car manufacturer, as the company managed to build an excellent image for itself. Actually, the image is so good that a lot of people are looking forward to working with Elon Musk and his team. If you’re one of them you happen to be a software engineer, you might as well follow him on Twitter, since he likes to makes some very interesting announcements.

Hey, software engineers, check Mr. Musk’s Twitter account

According to ZDNet, the Tesla CEO is currently looking for a couple of engineers interested in working on the development of the company’s Autopilot software. But, this time, he didn’t made a regular announcement, as other companies do, opting for Twitter.

Elon Musk posted a couple of tweets, attempting to find enthusiasts for the Tesla Autopilot project. To be more specific, he wants “hardcore software engineers”, while prior experience with cars is not required, in order to join the team.

Autopilot is the latest feature made available for Tesla Model S and Model X drivers, allowing vehicles to steer between lanes with just a push of a button, change them automatically or manage speed without driver input through cruise control. Basically, it’s transforming cars into computers, doing more than just transporting people from a point to another. Also, it’s just another step forward in automotive industry’s attempt to make connected cars.

What features should we expect to see on cars in the near future?

Currently, features like dashboards with Internet access, rear-parking cameras, sensors mounted everywhere on the car and GPS systems are no longer something new, but there’s room for plenty of improvement.

Besides Tesla, Google has always experienced this technologies on its self driving cars, but Tesla seems to be with one step forward, mostly due to an excellent marketing strategy.