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Stay Healthy With A Couple Of Great Dance Moves

Staying healthy means eating right and getting exercise. But, the idea of hitting the gym, treadmill, or jogging trail leaves some of us with a feeling of dread. This is where dancers have the advantage.

Dancing is a great way to burn calories, tone muscles, and have a lot of fun. You do not have to be Beyonce to break out with some awesome moves that will rock the dance floor. Many dance moves are considered cardio aerobic moves. They give you the same benefit as an aerobic workout.

We are going to explain a couple of different moves that will help you reach your fitness goals. We encourage you to explore this topic online and in your local dance studios.

Our examples utilize Hip Hop for the cardio benefits, and ballet for muscle training.

Grapevine and Hop

Stand with your feet a few inches apart.a Clasp your hands behind your back (you can practice with your hands free until you get used to the movements). Step your left foot to the left, step your right foot behind your left, and step your left foot out once more. Then jump up and clap simultaneously. Do the same steps going to the right. Here is a slow moving tutorial to help you get started.

The Balance’

The balance is also known as the “waltz.” It is a three-step combination in which the dancer steps to the side with one foot, lifts onto the ball of the second foot from behind the ankle, then replaces weight on the ball of the first foot to begin again on the other side. Here is a tutorial for the balance’. Please note, with practice you can do this with handstands and forearms.

What you need

There are dance classes available everywhere. You should find one that teaches the kind of dance you are interested in. Interview your dance class instructor as you would any other professional. Determine if they are able to teach someone at your skill level. Be sure the schedule lines up well with yours. There are many kinds of classes. If you are interested in having a weekly dance session with your friends, then you will look for a class that is handled as a group activity. However, if you are training for a chance to pursue dance for other things, your instructor needs to understand that as well.

Dance gear

You will need proper dance gear. This includes tights, leotards, warm-up clothes, a dance bag, and dance shoes. Of all of these items, shoes are probably the most important. Shoes for dancing are specifically made for the dance floor. You do not wear them off the dance floor. They should be of high-quality. They must fit properly. Your shoes must give you the proper control and traction. They also must move when you do. A shoe that sticks to the floor while a dancer is in motion can be seriously injured. Just For Kix has a variety of quality ballet shoes to choose from.

Once you begin dancing for fitness, you will incorporate many styles. Hip Hop, Jazz, ballroom, swing, salsa, and many other genres are available to you. Give each of them a try and find the one that you find the most fun. Your body will reward you with a stronger and healthier you.

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