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Stay at home mom wins $315 000 after one spin on jackpot slot

Nowadays, it just seems like everyone is winning every other month when it comes to slots. Winners have become so common in the news that a lot of people are now getting tempted to enter the fray. Well, before you jump in, here comes the story of yet another winner.

When Debra decided to have a go at the online casino Slotland, she never in her wildest dreams expected to walk away with a jackpot. However, her decision turned out to be a well-timed one as she managed to win an astronomical amount in only one spin of the video slot. The figure? $315,000. The site’s management now indicates that this was the single biggest payout ever since it launched its progressive jackpot slots system.

Debra has not been able to wrap her head around this news, and the attendant wad of cash. She says that when the results came, she went into a shock. No amount of convincing would have her believe that she had actually won so much from a single spin. Even when representatives of Slotland called her up to confirm the good news, she was in shock and broke into a little jig of her own. Such was the intensity of emotions at the moment.

An inspired payout on the progressive jackpot slot

Slotland manager Michael Hilary says that Debra’s luck was inspired. He says that their system mosty pays out to the tune of $200,000. What played into Debra’s hands is that she had the confidence and patience to hold out for a bigger payout, and it indeed pay off in the end. In a strategy applied by a large number of online casinos, Slotland tends to link its progressives together in such a way that when the number of plays increases, the payout rises significantly. You would ideally need to place up to around $5 at a time so that a small portion goes into the pot.

Debra was playing a video slot known as Open Season. It is hunting-themed and boasts 5 reels and 50 pay lines. In it, you have symbols such as boar, fish, duck and bear, and you can choose to shoot or fish your prey. The bear is the key to the big money, and it is the symbol Debra managed to ruffle when she walked away with her cash. To get to the big money, you have to line up five bears. As soon as you get to 3, a mysterious wolf simple appears and awards you a cash bonus as your incentive to keep playing.

Record big win

The game Debra won in was added to Slotland last year as the site celebrated its 17th birthday anniversary, and before Debra had joined the list of online casino jackpot winners, the previous record was a $266,000 scooped up at Carnival.

Debra is excited about what she wants to do with her money. She thinks a trip around the world would be in the cards, as well as a little bit of investment for her kids.

Before Debra’s exciting run, there’s been many memorable jackpot winner stories. One that comes in mind was a 2011 jackpot win by a Norwegian student on Betsson. The payout was €11.7 Million at the time and what was so amazing about that story was that the student won the jackpot with free spins that were given to him for free by the online casino. Free spins are usually given out by online casinos to their regular players to give them a chance to win big money without risking any of their own. Click here for information on how you can claim some free spins of your own.

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