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Smartphone chipmakers are going through hard times

The days when a single company was manufacturing the chipsets powering the majority of smartphones on the market are gone now, since the competition is getting tougher. To be more specific, when it comes to Android handsets, there are three main chipmakers dominating the market, and those are Qualcomm, Samsung and MediaTek, the latter registering an impressive growth in the past year.

MediaTek is growing strong

According to Android Headlines, the market is going through a shakedown right now and all chipmakers are affected. Until 2013, Qualcomm’s chips were powering over 95% of the phones on the market, but due to MediaTek’s growth, the number dropped surprisingly, to 51%.

Keeping it short, the ‘battle’ is between Qualcomm and MediaTek right now, as the chipmakers are trying to be present on as many markets as possible. Still, Qualcomm has a lot of reasons to worry, since MediaTek offers cheaper solutions, therefore it’s preferred by many manufacturers, especially entry-level ones.

Still, this doesn’t means that MediaTek makes just low-end chips, since the Helio X10 SoC, their most potent model, is also present on some of this year’s flagships, like Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 3 and many more. And when your processor is equipping a phone made by Xiaomi, make sure that it’s going to sell like crazy, as the Chinese manufacturer is currently the world’s 4th largest phone maker.

Should everybody be afraid of Huawei’s Kirin 950?

Finally, other chipmakers like Samsung or Huawei, with their excellent HiSilicon Kirin 950, currently the most powerful on the market, are sticking the powering their own devices. Of course, we shouldn’t forget that Samsung borrowed the Exynos 7420 to the Meizu Pro 5, but that’s an exception.

To sum up, it will be very interesting to watch Qualcomm and MediaTek is 2016, as the chipmakers will do the best to gain as much market share as possible.

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