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How to Set up and Optimize your Wireless Router

Being online at home using your wireless router can be frustrating at times. There are times where the connection is too slow that it takes quite some time for a particular page to load. There are various reasons as to why your net is slow. One of the most common reasons would be there are too many mobile phones and laptops connecting on your wireless router. According to Network World, the average number of mobile devices connected in a single home ranges from 5 to 6 and is expected to grow to eight this by this year alone which can definitely make your net connection laggy. In this article, we are going to give you some tips on how to setup, configure and optimize your wireless router.


The thing is, your wireless router have several useful options that you can use and configure for you to optimize your home network. Please do note that different routers usually have different options and interface. It would be best if you peruse and read the user manual if your particular router brand.

Here are just some of the useful tips that you can use to optimize the use of your wireless router:

  • Access your Wireless Router’s User Interface – Most of the time, routers have their own web-based configuration pages that you can use. Just make sure that you are connected on the network to access the page. To access your wireless router’s user interface, type in or go to your router’s local IP address. You can check the IP address by going to Network and Sharing folders.
  • Set a particular schedule in rebooting your wireless router especially if there are various devices connected on your internet. Some wireless routers have automated reboot schedule that you can use to set a schedule in restarting your network.
  • Regularly update your wireless router’s system. Sometimes, updates are great avenue to install new features that can definitely optimize and make the most out of your home network.
  • Change your wireless router’s password and make sure that you use the best security practices when choosing for a password. If your connection is slow, chances are… Too many devices are connected on your network. The best solution is to change it with a complex password so as not to be easy to be hacked.

Applying these four tips for security and performance will help provide your home networks with enough bandwidth to optimized your home network and connection experience. These 4 tips can definitely help you in configuring and setting your home network with wireless network easily and for you to experience faster network connections. What do you think of these tips? How do you make sure your network connection is fast? Let us know some of your tips below.

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