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Samsung Galaxy S7 launch date, confirmed!

After months of rumors and speculations, we finally have an official piece of information about one of the most expected tech events of the year: Samsung confirmed the Galaxy S7 launch date! The South Korean manufacturer will unveil its new flagship smartphone on February 21, during a Galaxy Unpacked event, with just one day before this year’s Mobile World Congress.

The invites were sent

This weekend, Samsung began sending invites for the event and also released a teaser video which, besides revealing the Galaxy S7 launch date, could also give us a few hints about the company’s plans for the future. It’s obvious that the Gear VR platform will play an important role in their upcoming strateguy.

According to TechCruch, we might as well see an updated Gear VR headset being released alongside the new smartphone. Or smartphones, that is, as we could see the Galaxy S7 edge as well.

One major aspect about this video is the glowing cube, which could suggest that Samsung hight have developed a positional tracking technology, taking consumer virtual reality to a whole new level.

Two excellent features will return

If when it comes to the design, the Samsung Galaxy S7 won’t be very different from last year’s model, the handset will feature massive improvements under the hood. One of the most notable ones will be the microSD card slot, a feature which a lot of Samsung fans were craving for. Also, we expect to see an IP67 certification, making the phone water resistant, like the Galaxy S5, and a bigger battery.

Moving on, the flagship should be available with two chipsets, depending on the region, Samsung’s own Exynos 8890 octa-core and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820. The latter was developed as a VR-centered chip, being “capable of generating photorealistic graphics for console-quality gaming and next-generation virtual reality apps.”

We will be back with more details, as soon as other details, at least as interesting as the Galaxy S7 launch date, will be revealed.