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Safest & Simplest Ways to Download YouTube Videos on Android

Do you want to watch YouTube videos on your Android device even without an Internet connection? Sadly, Google started to ban apps for downloading video content from YouTube. They now kick out these apps from the Google Play repository. Hold your horses though, since there are legitimate ways on how to still do this!

However, many of the ways out there for downloading YouTube videos can be quite complicated for regular Android users. For one, it can be quite tricky to go through the hassle of jailbreaking your Android device just to install apps outside Google Play. Another problem is configuring all sorts of settings in your jailbroken Android device just to make these apps work.

There are instances where you can install apps that aren’t in Google Play without jailbreaking your Android device. Just keep in mind that there are certain security risks in doing this (as much as jailbreaking your Android phones or tablets and using apps for jailbroken devices). So, how exactly can you do this without breaking a sweat and without negatively affecting the security of your important data and privacy?

Good news – Here are 3 of the safest and simplest ways for you to download YouTube videos to your Android device! Just follow these quick and easy instructions, and you’ll be on your way to downloading your favorite YouTube videos to your Android phones and tablets in no time!

How to Safely & Easily Download YouTube Videos to Android Devices


1. This first method is through Youtube’s built-in offline viewing feature. A problem with this is that you might not be able to access your saved YouTube videos and playlists from different locations in your Android device. You won’t also be able to do this with all regular YouTube videos and YouTube Red content (even if you have a subscription). However, this is the safest and easiest way for you to access YouTube video content without an Internet connection. Just follow these simple instructions to start doing this now:

  • Open YouTube in your Android device, and navigate to the video that you want to save;
  • Tap the “Add to Offline” icon. This icon will be crossed out for video content that can’t be saved due to restrictions set by its authors;
  • Alternatively, you can pull up the context menu and select the ” Add to Offline” option. Again, this won’t be available for video content that can’t be saved.

That’s it. You can access your saved videos in your Android device without an Internet connection. Take note that you can only view your saved videos without using mobile data or wireless Internet connectivity within 48 hours from the time that you saved it. Beyond that, your saved videos need to synch with the YouTube servers before you can watch it. That means you’d need to be connected to the Internet when that happens.

Also, don’t forget Youtube’s background downloading feature. This allows you to schedule downloads, so you can plan ahead and avoid getting caught up by this 48-hour restriction.

2. This second method is for using your Windows PC and Mac computer for recording YouTube videos and storing it in your Android device. There are many screen and audio recording software tools for this purpose. Many of these have been rated by a lot of users to be free from any malicious code. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Search for desktop software tools that can simultaneously record your screen and the audio output stream. Choose one that can produce high quality audio and video recordings in MP4 format;
  • Download and install these desktop tools;
  • Follow configuration instructions provided with your chosen software;
  • Prepare your software to record your screen and audio stream;
  • Open YouTube in your Web browser and navigate to the YouTube video that you want;
  • Start recording your screen and audio stream through your software a few seconds before starting to play the video;
  • Once you’ve saved the video content in MP4 format in your Windows PC or Mac device, connect your Android phone or tablet to your computer;
  • Copy the MP4 files to your Android device.

That’s it. Keep in mind that you can only legitimately do this for personal use. That means your video recordings can only be for your private viewing. You can’t share or use these videos for public viewing or for any commercial purposes.

3. This third method is for downloading YouTube videos using your mobile browser and any Web platform that can save and download YouTube videos for free. One such platform that’s recommended by many users is KeepVid.Com. After doing this, you can watch the YouTube video content that you want in your offline Android device. Here’s how to do this:

  • Use your Android device to open your mobile browser and navigate to Google;
  • Search for the YouTube video that you want;
  • Tap the link to your desired video in YouTube. A prompt will be displayed, asking you to select which app to open the video. Choose your mobile browser from the list of options;
  • Once the video loads in your mobile browser, tap “Menu”. Then, choose “Go to URL”. You’ll now be able to copy the URL of the YouTube video;
  • Go to your chosen website for downloading YouTube videos. Paste the YouTube video URL. Follow the instructions provided by the Web platform;
  • Follow the succeeding instructions for downloading the YouTube video in MP4 format to your Android device.

That’s it. Just repeat the entire process for the next YouTube videos that you want to download to your Android device. Again, keep in mind to not breach copyright laws and respect the properties of these video authors when you do this.

Do you know other methods to safely and easily download YouTube videos to your Android phone / tablet? Feel free to add them to this list using the comments box below. Also share this with your family and friends, so they too can enjoy YouTube video content in their Android phones and tablets, even without any Internet connection!

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