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How to Return Your Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Last September Samsung has announced a worldwide recall of their latest Samsung Galaxy Note 7 product due to major battery defect. According to some customers who experienced the problem first hand, their Galaxy Note 7 units either suddenly flared up out of the blue or started exploding for no apparent reason. This alarming experience caused Samsung Galaxy Note 7 owners to either return their phone or avail a replacement unit of the same model.

The ‘same model replacement’ option was later put to stop when customers who received their replacement unit started reporting that the new unit also caught fire, exhibiting the same symptoms as the defective Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Later, US CPSC or the Consumer Product Safety Commission along with Samsung announced that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 owners worldwide are to stop using their phones and return it to their mobile carrier or to the store where they bought it.

To give you an idea how to return your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 check out the details below:

How to Return Your Samsung Galaxy Note 7

United Kingdom (UK) – Samsung UK has made arrangements with their partner companies to help make your Galaxy Note 7 return process more efficient.  Defective unit owners have the option to exchange their unit with other Samsung products, plus a partial refund in case of any price difference, or they may choose to get a full refund by surrendering the defective unit. If you wish to avail any of these options, you may contact the mobile service provider or retail store where you bought your Samsung Galaxy Note 7. For more information you may also call 0330 7261000 Samsung hotline or visit

Singapore – If you are from Singapore, all you have to do is go to #03-01 Westgate of the Samsung Customer Service Centre, which is open daily between 11 AM and 10 PM.  The centre can help replace your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with a different Samsung phone model or if you prefer help you get a complete refund for the price of the unit.   To get more details you may also visit

United States (US) – Like most countries, US mobile service providers already have systems in place to accommodate Samsung Galaxy Note 7 returns. Mobile companies can help you to either replace your defective Note 7 with any of their available mobile phone units or avail a refund. Either way, you get an additional $25 store credit or a gift card as an incentive for the hassle.  However, for those who bought their device from the official Samsung website, you will need to contact the Samsung’s dedicated number, 1-844-365-6197 so you know how you can return your Note 7.

Australia – Samsung Australia utilizes the same process as most countries when it comes to accepting Samsung Galaxy Note 7 returns. If you bought your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from a mobile service company or a retail shop, then you pretty much have this all figured out. You just have to surrender your defective unit so you can get a Samsung S7 or and S7 edge as a replacement phone or get your money back.  For those who got their Note 7 straight from the Samsung store, call 1300 362 603 or you may check for a more detailed response on how you can return your defective phone.

Depending on where you are located, you may use the details provided above to help you return your Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

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