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How to Restore WhatsApp Chats on Any Phone – Android and iPhone

It can be a hassle to get your WhatsApp chat messages from your old phone to your new Android device or your new iPhone. You’ve probably wasted a lot of time and energy trying to do this. Did you know that there isn’t any quick and simple method to restore your WhatsApp messages from your iPhone to an Android device or vice-versa?


Well, don’t worry. Here are quick and easy ways to transfer your WhatsApp chats from your old device to a new phone of the same brand:

How to Restore WhatsApp Chats in Android

There are two quick and easy methods on how to do this. The first way is for Android devices that have SD cards. Keep in mind that your old and new devices should have an SD card slot.

Now, just follow these simple instructions:


1. Open WhatsApp in your old Android device.
2. Next, hit the Menu icon and tap Settings.
3. Select the Chats and calls option, then choose the Backup Chats option.
4. Wait for the backup copy to be created in the SD card of your old Android phone.
5. Insert the same SD card to your new Android handset.
6. Install WhatsApp in your new Android phone.
7. When you run WhatsApp, it will automatically detect and restore the backup in your SD card.

That’s it! Now, for the second method. This is if your old Android device doesn’t have an SD card slot. Just follow these quick instructions:

1. Connect your old Android device to your Windows PC using your USB cable. If this is your first time to do this, then just follow the prompts that Windows provides until your PC automatically installs all required drivers.
2. In the “This PC” section of Windows Explorer, search for the WhatsApp folder.
3. Copy this folder to the clipboard.
4. Unplug your old Android device. Then, connect your new Android phone.
5. Paste the WhatsApp folder in the internal storage of your new Android device.
6. Disconnect your new Android phone from your PC.
7. Install WhatsApp in your new phone. Then, confirm your number. WhatsApp will automatically detect and restore your old chat messages.

How to Restore WhatsApp Chats in iPhone

A number of ways can be used to restore your WhatsApp chat messages in your new iPhone from your old one. The quickest is through the backup feature of iCloud.

Just follow these simple instructions:

1. Navigate to WhatsApp Settings in your old iPhone.
2. Select the Chats option. Then, tap “Chat Backup”.
3. Hit the “Backup Now” option.
4. Wait for the backup process to complete. When it does, move on to your new iPhone.
5. Install WhatsApp in your new device. As soon as you verify your phone number, which should be the same as the number you used in your old iPhone, WhatsApp will ask your permission to restore your chat backup.
6. Agree to this, and that’s it. You’ve just restored your chat messages in your old device to your new iPhone!

Do you know any other methods that you might want to share? That’s what the comments box below is for! You might also want to share this with your family and friends, so they can stop tearing their hair out in frustration each time they want to restore their WhatsApp chat messages from their old devices to their new phones!

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