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How to Remove Gnats and Fruit Flies

Despite being small, they can be such a nuisance when left to breed in your home, garden or patio. Nothing spells disaster than a home full of pesky fruit flies and gnats.


There are various types of gnats that wreak havoc in household, some of the most common type of gnats are tiny and black insects that usually appears when you have a potted plant. Meanwhile, another form of gnats commonly found at home are drain gnats that usually appear in kitchens and bathrooms. In this article, let’s take a look into some home healthy tips in dealing with gnats and fruit flies in your home.

If you want to prevent gnats and fireflies to be a permanent fixture in your home, make sure you remove overripe fruits in your household. You can turn those overripe and rancid fruits into fertilizers for your garden. Make sure you remove leftover foods on your drainage and sink. Clean up the dirty dishes and use chemicals to unclogged sinks and drainage to prevent build-up of dirt that can attracts drain gnats. Now that you know what to do to prevent gnats and fruit flies, let us discuss what to do and some tips on ensuring that you can remove these pests. Here are some of the home healthy tips:

  • Purchase some Products that are effective in removing gnats.
  • Purchase Gnat Traps like BEAPCO Fly Traps, Fly Web Fly Trap and TERRO Fruit Fly Trap.
  • Make some Vinegar Trap. Mix apple cider vinegar with drops of soap dish to create homemade vinegar trap.
  • Pour leftover red wine in a jar to trap fruit flies and gnats into the jar.
  • For pests’ outbreak, mash up banana or papaya slices and put it in a jar. Cover it with plastic trap to attract gnats in being trapped in the jar.
  • Put bleach into the sink to help reduce fly traps and gnats. Make sure you dilute it with a bit of water. Don’t forget to use gloves, eye and mouth protections to avoid inhaling toxic fumes. Never mix ammonia with bleach to avoid deathly and toxic fumes.
  • Use fogging products. If you are dealing with gnats and fruit fly outbreak in large and wide areas, fogging products would be your best and practical bet. You can try using The Burgess Insect Fogger or the Hot Shot Insect Fogger which is popular in removing gnats. Set it up overnight and make sure you set it up near the drainage.
  • Create some homemade gnat spray. Mix lemon-scented dish washing soap and water. You can also spray it in your plants.

When dealing with this nasty home invaders, always be prepared to use homemade materials that can help you save money while combatting gnat’s outbreak. Make sure to get rid of the source where gnats and fruit flies get their food supply. Keep your kitchen counters clean and quickly dispose of leftover food scraps to prevent gnats to becoming a problem. Avoid leaving dirty dishes in the sink and make sure your dish rack is dry and covered.

What do you think of this home healthy tips in removing fruit insects? Let us know below.

Omer Cetin