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Reasons Why You Should Consider the Cayman Islands for Your Caribbean Adventure

There is no doubt that the Cayman Islands is one of the most visited places in the world. With more than two million tourists flocking this part of the world every year, there’s a reason why more and more people still have the Cayman Islands on their bucket list of places to travel to.

Aside from the crystal clear waters and beaches that stretch over miles and miles, let us tell you just why you should really consider the Cayman Islands for a Caribbean adventure worth remembering!

  1. A melting pot of different cultures

If making friends is one of your biggest difficulties, then worry not about your trip to the Cayman Islands. With more than 61,000 people living on the island, you can bond with people over the mutual love for drinks, partying, and dancing. Its culture is a giant mix of British, Dutch, French, and Spanish influence that shows itself in their taste for food, the way they do their architecture, and the music that they create. So don’t be surprised when their culture and traditions will come off as unique but quite familiar at the same time, it only means it will be easier for you to blend in with the locals and gain new friends for keeps.

  1. Blessed beaches

You will never truly know the kind of blessing that wonderful beaches will rub off on you when you have never set a foot on the Cayman Islands. Their powder-like beach sand along with the crystal clear seawater that glistens under the sun will surely make you feel like you’re in paradise. And who needs beach umbrellas when you’ve got palm trees dotting along the shoreline that can provide you natural shade?

The islands beaches are also home to tons of experiences you can only enjoy on the water’s surface, such as jet skiing. Forget walking on water when you can jet ski through miles of waves at a fast speed. Feel the sun’s warmth on your skin and the wind through your hair as you jet ski over schools of fishes and stingrays while you get yourself a tan. Now that is one sure way of multitasking in luxury.

  1. Stingray City

Speaking of stingrays, the Cayman Islands is the place to go to when you want to swim with friendly stingrays in crystal clear water. According to the stories, a fisherman used to gut out his catch for the day in this area and that’s when stingrays would flock over to feast on his scraps. The sound of motorboats do not scare them anymore, instead, they associate it with a signal that food is coming again. They have become so used to having humans around that they don’t mind when you follow and swim with them.

  1. Party like the Caribbeans

No one knows tropical partying better than the Caribbeans. From salsa dancing with strangers to joining the locals to have fun, you will surely enjoy your time and alcohol best when you enjoy them in Caribbean style. Dance to the percussion like there’s no tomorrow while you sip on their local liquor favorite which is rum.

  1. Rum Cakes

Just like how the Irish people love whiskey so much that they incorporated it into their morning coffee, the Caribbean people love rum so much that they mixed into their own rum cakes! Specifically known as Tortuga Rum Cakes, these are a local sweet treat that you can find in stores and restaurants all over the island. They even boast three flavors: pineapple, banana, and the original Caribbean. If you want an ultimate experience, you can visit the Tortuga Rum Factory where you will be able to get a taste of their lovely rum cakes for FREE! This sweet treat is surely one you should take home with you as a souvenir.

  1. Its peace

A tropical destination full of wonders and free of danger? You are surely talking about the Cayman Islands. This territory boasts a relatively low crime-rate and the serenity that will make you want to stay forever. If you need a holiday to get rid of stress, you’ll surely go back to your home country feeling more relaxed and at ease. Its peace also means you can walk along a shoreline and enjoy the whole stretch of beach all to yourself, like an illusion of exclusivity except that it’s real and it’s all for you.

  1. The three islands

The Cayman Islands are comprised of three islands: Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman—all offer unique sets of adventure that are worth the trip. From its bioluminescent waters that glow at night and the chance to snorkel and scuba dive at the shipwreck of Kittiwake, to capturing photos of hundreds of starfishes at Starfish Point, parasailing, jet skiing, snorkeling, freediving, and a whole lot more—you will never run out of things to do! All you have to figure out next is how to fix your itinerary to accommodate all the fun activities that you surely have to try.

The next time you need a long holiday from work and stress, or just to simply travel and enjoy life, you really should consider visiting the Cayman Islands for satisfying boat trips. This territory in the Caribbean is just blessed with its resources, marine wildlife, and paradise-like beaches you won’t see anywhere else.

George was born in the Cayman Islands, and has a passion for writing about the best things to do in the Cayman Islands such as delightful boat trips and elsewhere. He travels a lot, and blogs to his audience about his journeys.

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