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Quick Steps to Block Annoying Calls in Your Android Phone

Tired of wasting your time and energy in fending off bothersome telemarketing calls? Perhaps you’re sick of waking up in the week hours of the morning just to pick up a prank call? Many users are irritated of getting unknown callers in their Android phones while in the middle of important things. These anonymous callers could even cause accidents when you get them while you’re driving!


To help you avoid this problem, found below are quick and easy methods to block these annoying calls in your Android phone. Don’t forget to share this with your family and friends – You’d be doing them a favor by helping them get rid of these irritating calls for good!

Also keep in mind that there aren’t any universal methods to block these annoying calls in all Android versions, hardware makes and models. These methods might only work in certain versions of some Android flavors. For example, some of these features aren’t found in a few vanilla versions of Android Marshmallow and Lollipop. This might be due to the particular make and model of the handset where these Android flavors are installed.

However, you can use a per-number blocking feature through the phone settings in some of these vanilla versions. So, in case the steps below aren’t applicable to your specific Android vanilla version or handset make and model, remember to check this feature in phone settings. Anyway, here goes:

Top 3 Simple Methods to Block Irritating Calls in Android


1. This first method involves the call log section of your Android phone. You can block certain numbers from being able to reach you. Here are quick and easy steps to do this:

  • Just simply go to call logs;
  • Then, find the number that you want to block;
  • Next, look for the menu icon with the 3 dots, which is usually found in the upper right corner of the screen;
  • At this point, tap the menu icon, and select “Add to rejects” from the options.

That’s it. You’ve just disabled the number you chose from being able to place incoming calls to your Android phone! Repeat the steps above for all numbers that you want to block. You’d probably start out with a handful of numbers to block, though keep this method in mind. You can block new numbers each time you get annoying calls from them.

2. This second method involves your contact list. This is for more conveniently managing calls from saved contacts who might be bothering you time and again about unimportant stuff. That might be the numbers of a few irritating acquaintances, pesky customers or an ex. Since you might get important calls from these people, you’re recommended to just send their calls for the most part to voicemail. That way, you can screen their calls when you have the time. Anyway, here are the steps to do this:

  • Simply pull up your contact list;
  • Find the entry that you want to block, and pull up his or her details;
  • Tap the button in the upper right corner of the screen, which normally looks like a pencil;
  • Tap the menu icon with the 3 dots, and select the checkbox that says “All Calls to Voicemail” from the provided options.

That’s it. That person won’t be able to bother you any longer with unimportant calls, though you’d still be able to screen and review their recorded messages just in case. Do that for all the contacts that you want to drive straight to your voicemail.

3. This third method can allow you to select multiple contacts in one go. Their calls will be directed to voicemail. You’ll be using the settings menu of your Android phone. Just follow these simple instructions:

  • Go to your home screen, tap the phone icon, and pull up your contact list;
  • Tap the menu icon with the 3 dots and choose Settings;
  • Select the Call option, then choose Call Rejection;
  • Tap Auto Reject Lise, then select the Create option;
  • A search box will be displayed at this point. Use this to enter the name or number of your contact;
  • Tap the correct entry from the results, and this will automatically add your chosen contact to the Auto Reject list;
  • Continue using the search box to choose your desired contacts (or undesired contacts, in this case) and include them in your Auto Reject list.

Well, that’s how you block and manage annoying calls in your Android phone. If one method doesn’t work in your particular handset and Android version, then you have two other options!

Have you tried other methods? Want to add it to this list? Feel free to use the comments box below.

Omer Cetin