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Prep services for Amazon

Preparing a product to be sold in the market needs to go through a lot of stages. Most of the times the products are sold by a second or third party vendor and the manufacturer only concentrate on getting the products ready as ordered and send it to the sourcing agent. It is the suppliers’ duty to mark the product, inspect, count, label, pack and then send it to the concerned buyer via agents.

The process seems to be convenient when both the manufacturer and the supplier are located in one country but when the two people are based in two different countries then the process becomes costly over all. For example- if one lot of products is shipped from country A to country B, it requires in the transportation cost and custom checks.

If the seller at country B encounters some damaged products or irrelevant items then it will have to be sent back to country A and yet again the right products would be sent to country B once again. The entire process is hectic and involves in paying the transportation cost every time an item is shipped. The Leelinesourcing Amazon fba prep services in china helps manufacturers and supplies in easing up the entire process and send the items directly to the Amazon warehouse after the preparations are done. This is how the prep services for Amazon in china works-

  • The professionals take order from the sellers and bring it to the Leelinesourcing warehouse situated in Shenzhen, china and unload it.
  • Once unloaded the items are checked thoroughly and inspected well to figure out damaged products. If there are some damaged products found then the lot is sent back to the manufacturer and the process repeats. Once the lot clears the inspection it is prepared for the next step.
  • This next step involves in the providing the services and carrying out the related task as asked by the client. A client might ask for labelling the products, putting bar codes in it, packing the products in proper wraps to avoid breakage during transportation etc.
  • Once the products are ready they are packed in final cartons and are bundled. The cartons can be regular cartons, printed cartons or special designs that have been sent by the clients.
  • The Leelinesourcing Amazon fba prep services also prints pamphlets, manuals and box covers as asked by their client with some additional costs.
  • Once the products are finally ready they are shipped to the Amazon warehouse location and Amazon pick up is also arranged by the agents of Leelinesourcing.

Hence, the client can just sit back and relax and concentrate on marketing for the products while the fba prep services performs all the work on behalf of the client. The bundling is done by noticing the exact quality and types of items a user purchases. In case one is not happy by the services or receives any complaints for the same one can get money back in a month.

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