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Practical Advice to Keep You From Taking Your Job Home With You

You may work hard to live in a nice place and rest at night in a comfy plush bed.  However, enjoying the fruits of your labor gets soured if you’re stressed out from work after the day is over.  Therefore, to stay master of your domain, you must show mastery in the following pastimes.  Use your nose, muscles, ears, etc to avoid workplace worries and keep from taking your job home with you.

Smell Your Way to Peace

Some believe in the power of aromatherapy.  Scents can influence our moods, and lavender and chamomile in particular are known to soothe.  Light a candle at your desk for the last hour before leaving work.  Consider spraying the interior of your car with some oils or use car odorizers.  By the time you get home, you’ll be feeling great.

Go to the Gym

It’s an easy way to achieve two positive outcomes with one act.  Rather than head home after work, go to the gym and spend about an hour there using weights and cardio machines.  You can discuss a regular routine with a trainer or consult online resources to create your own.  Don’t forget to stretch; it helps avoid injury but also produces a feeling of well being.

Listen to Music

Take the long way home and choose from a range of music apps and selections that will take your mind off work or anything that may cause feelings of stress and anxiety.  Depending on your preference and temperament, you may choose smooth jazz or death metal.  Regardless of chosen genre, the result is the same – a stress free home.

Do Your Chores

The difference between those who do chores and those who allow things to pile up is structure.  Rather than create time to do chores, do them after work each day.  It will give you time to decompress from work.  Moreover, you won’t have to worry about going back out to complete chores; once you’re home, they’ll already be done!

Volunteer Your Time

Sometimes the easiest way to forget about our worries is to focus on those who are in greater need.  Devote your time at a local shelter, food drive, or charity endeavor.  It will feel good to do things for others and it will take your mind off your own smaller worries.

Create a Zen Area

Identify an area in your home or apartment that is your ‘zen’ place, where you feel most rested and at peace.  It could be your bedroom, chair by the window, barstool in the kitchen, etc.  Spend time there when you first get home.  You don’t have to partake in meditation but focus on relaxing and enjoying your time in the home.  Want to pass the time coloring with an app on your Android?  Get it on Google Play.

Visit a Local Venue

Take advantage of art and culture in your area.  Rather than go home from work, go to an art museum, playhouse, movie theater, poetry reading, etc.  Additionally, check local listings for special events such as festivals and concerts.  Divert your mind from negativity by doing things that are interesting and stimulating.  Of course, it’s always better to bring others along.

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