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Playtech Removes Marvel-branded Slots Content from April 1st

Playtech has been producing and distributing marvel-themed slot machines as well as jackpot games for some time until they announced in March that they were discontinuing them. Apparently, this decision is also coming along with termination of some licenses which are related to these games.

The announcement came one month before the actual date of termination of these superhero marvel comic games. The company said that they would allow the games to run until the end of March 2017, after which those games would be scrapped off from their production line forever. Playtech has no plans of reinstating the games due to a complex licensing issue.

Here’s why Playtech decided to make that move

Some time back in 2013, the parent company in charge of Marvel studios – The Walt Disney Company decided to renew Playtech’s license for distributing Marvel themed slot games. However, things changed somewhere along the way, and now the parent company that owns Marvel Studios is concerned that PlayTech’s use of Marvel themed slot games could harm their image since PlayTech offers gambling-related games in general.

Lately, Disney has been focusing its operation in ensuring that it produces family –friendly material. The company even went ahead to fight against politicians in its bid to oppose setting up gambling facilities near the Disney World Theme park in Orlando, Florida.

How Playtech and its affiliates prepared for the change

The notice which was issued one month in advance gave affiliates of Playtech and related entities enough time to prepare for the sad news. Partners who promote Playtech’s gaming content received email messages informing them of the impending change.

This also led to affiliates removing promotional materials on their various sites which pertained to Playtech’s marvel themed slot titles. Among the affiliates who received this message include Coral and William Hill affiliates.

Some elements of Marvel slots machines are to stay anyway

While it is expected that this will mark the end of Marvel-themed slots machines which Playtech have been diligently producing, Playtech confirmed that some game engines which were used in the Marvel themed slot machines are to be reused.

After all Marvel-themed games are removed from partner websites, the company intends to re-brand super hero slots machines so that they can look new and maintain their initial appeal. It is expected that these changes will add a level of freshness to the original titles.

Moreover, it is expected that multiple games will assume the title of the Age of the Gods. A few of those games include fantasy-inspired online slots such as the Avengers, Furious 4, Iron Man 2, among others.


Although Marvel superheroes have been pulled out of the Playtech collection of games, there is generally no need to fear because the company is filling the gap with new heroes. The compensation is coming in form of new action-packed superman and Batman slot titles. Also, players will still be able to enjoy the same Marvel-like features in these games. Finally, jackpots have been preserved for those who will be giving them a shot.

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