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Perks of Using Optus’s NBN Broadband

When considering broadband plans, you might be thinking of opting for an NBN – National Broadband Network due to the fact that it promises better speeds and reliable service as compared to other broadband types. However, the quality of the services you get is definitely affected by the service provider you’re choosing to work with.

Working with the Best – Optus

Among the many providers that rank among the best, you can choose to get services from Optus. Already having a stellar reputation, Optus has a history of providing exceptional quality, even being ranked No. 1 for providing the best speeds by Netflix’s ISP Speed Index.

This isn’t just a onetime win though since no one has been able to steal the crown for Optus and they’ve held the title for a total of 21 months. For anyone who loves streaming TV shows on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and more, this is going to make Optus immediately more appealing but that’s not all.

Amazing Customer Service

Optus also has amazing customer service and provides tech support on a 24/7 basis. With over 300 retail centres spread out locally, Optus can ensure that they are able to handle all problems promptly and without causing any unwarranted delays.

Services for Home, Business and Mobile

Optus focuses on providing their amazing services to almost all platforms and users can easily avail Optus’s services for their home, their business place or avail their amazing mobile plans. With pocket friendly packages, you can get NBN packages that are suited to your usage.

With their excellence in quality, you can rest assured that there won’t be any issues with down time which is crucial for many businesses. All packages come bundled in an annual or monthly subscription and include various perks such as pay as you go for calls and free sports subscription included in the plan as well.

Unlimited Broadband

Want to go unlimited with your usage? Take advantage of the unlimited NBN package offered by Optus which is offered by $60 per month. While it is only available in certain localities only, you can get in touch with a representative to find out more information regarding their services.

Haven’t Made Your Mind Up?

While Optus is a great service provider, you don’t have to sign up with them from the get go. Take the time to compare packages and studies and get your hands on the best package. If you’re curious you can see all providers’ offerings here and make your own decision based on the results.

At the end of the day, you have to opt for a plan that you are comfortable with. While Optus has a lot of perks and offers budget friendly packages, if it isn’t suitable or doesn’t meet your needs, take the time to find another high-quality service provider. Once you’ve found the best provider, be sure to do some research with them before you sign up with them. It can be more problematic to terminate a connection once you’ve signed up.

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