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Online real money gaming – Apps VS mobile friendly sites

The mobile age has brought a lot of changes on how content is presented on the internet. Casino operators alike have been affected by this change, and they somehow have to find a way to maintain an edge or at least keep going with the rest of the world. This brings us to the talk of developing a native app for casinos VS having a mobile website which can easily serve the same purpose.

And if an answer is to be given based on this comparison, we would be certain to say that it really depends on which option is best for the products being presented. But as far as experts are concerned, most people are of the opinion that interactive games need to be presented in form of an app as opposed to a mobile website. And in most cases, casino operators as All Slots Mobile Casino find it necessary to keep the two; an app and a mobile website for the same purpose. Yet again, one can only need an app after they’ve built a mobile site. It is very rare to find someone building a mobile app without first owning a mobile website.

So, why go with an app instead of a mobile website?

The thing is, apps are build for a very specific purpose. This purpose is obviously known – to present interactive games that users can play and enjoy. But on the other hand, a mobile website is built when one wants to achieve a mobile presence. An app therefore doesn’t fit in the role of a mobile website since the two platforms seem to serve slightly different purposes.

Reasons why you may need to keep a mobile website casino and app alongside it

Casinos like All Slots online casino heavily rely on the mobile website for purposes of marketing and reaching out to their audience in general. If you have a mobile outreach strategy, a mobile website is always going to make sense when implemented as the first step to solving this need.

Also, mobile websites can be accessed instantly regardless of the mobile device in use. But on the other hand, apps have to be downloaded first before use. This can act as a big barrier which actually prevents people from taking action to download the app. They would rather stick to a mobile website which offers what they are looking for.

In terms of compatibility, all mobile websites for casinos are compatible with all devices. This is a plus because more people can access the casino unlike if they chose to go with an app – where compatibility issues may arise.

Finally, when updating a mobile website casino, change can be implemented fast and easily. It’s not like what happens when the contents of an app is being changed. Generally speaking, casino apps are not that flexible. For instance, the updated version of an app must be pushed to users to download it compared to an updated mobile website which can be accessed anytime without requesting action from users. In the end, we can conclude that both platforms have a purpose which they serve. Apps aren’t better than mobile website. On the other hand, mobile sites aren’t better than apps.