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We won’t see an Apple action camera in the near future

Nowadays, it’s enough to mention ‘action camera’ and every tech-savvy person you know will automatically think at GoPro. The U.S.-based manufacturer is currently dominating the market, despite numerous attempts from various companies to compete with them.

Still, there’s one brand out there that could be a pretty big threat: Apple. If the Cupertino-based manufacturer decides to enter this market, making an Apple action camera, GoPro would have a few reasons to start shaking.

Apple could be GoPro’s biggest rival

But according to Nick Woodman, GoPro’s CEO, cited by Fortune, there’s no sign of an Apple action camera for the moment, even though they have already granted some patents for such devices earlier this year.

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On the other side, as the same source mentions, companies often receive patents for technologies which they never actually use, turning them into real products. The same might have happened with Apple.

“I do not think that Apple is investing and exploring GoPro-like devices,” he said at a tech conference hosted by tech news site TechCrunch in San Francisco. “It’s not so easy to just say, ‘Oh, we’re going to go get into GoPro’s business,’ even through an acquisition,” Woodman also added

Of course, it’s pretty obvious that Mr. Woodman keeps a close eye on this and does his best to find out if an Apple action camera could be introduced, otherwise he wouldn’t make such statements.

Could this be an interesting market for Apple?

Tim Cook and company are well known for their desire to try new markets where they can have a huge impact and the Apple Watch is just an example.

When the first Android smartwatches were released, they had no intent of making something similar. Also, there are rumors about their plans of making an autonomous car lately. Therefore, for the moment, we don’t have any reason to believe that an Apple action camera will hit the market soon.