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New Ways to Save Data on Android Devices and iPhone


Your Android device and iPhone can quickly eat up your mobile data cap without you knowing it. It can even consume a significant percentage of the data cap in your residential or office wireless Internet subscription plan! That’s because your device isn’t optimized by default to efficiently handle background and foreground processes that are related to Internet connectivity. You wouldn’t want to go way overboard and spend too much on excess data in your subscription (nor change your plan to a costly unlimited subscription), would you?

Plus, the bits of data automatically downloaded and stored in your Android device or iPhone can quickly build up to unmanageable proportions. What can happen when you don’t have enough data storage space in your device?

Simple. You run into all sorts of problems. That’s what happens. You won’t be able to properly run some of your apps. You’ll get nag messages from time to time, reminding you about insufficient data storage space. You’ll be forced to delete some of your apps and the data in those apps, risking to lose important data in the process.

So, instead of going through all the hassle of transferring your data from your device to your computer or to a cloud storage account (which can be quite expensive if you have large data to store) – What you need to do is effectively manage the data consumption settings of your Android device or iPhone. This can significantly avoid exhausting the data storage space of your device, not to mention conserving your data usage in your subscription!

Here are new ways to save data on your Android device or iPhone. You’ll be able to properly manage and considerably reduce the data consumption of your device with the following methods:

How to Manage & Reduce Data Usage of Android or iPhone


1. Manage Background Data – In Android, there’s an option to restrict background data for each installed app. You can use this option by simply going to the Data Usage settings menu of your Android device.

There’s also a quick and easy option in your iOS device to restrict background data. Simply tap Settings in your home screen. Then, tap General and toggle on the Restrictions option. It’s recommended for you to tap the Background App Refresh option first before doing this, so your apps will have the newest data, if any, at this point. You can just manually use this option from time to time, just to ensure that your apps have the latest information.

Each app can also have an option to manage background data settings in your iOS device. You can find this by tapping Settings in your home screen. Then, navigate to the General tab and tap “Storage & iCloud Usage”. Next, tap the app that you want to check. That’s it.

2. Turn Off Automatic Updates – Most Android and iOS apps have the automatic update feature enabled by default. This can eat up a lot of your mobile data cap without your knowledge. By simply disabling this feature in your apps, you’ll be able to significantly reduce the data consumption of your Android device or iPhone. You’ll also be able to save data storage space in your device when you do this.

If you’re an Android user, just go to Google Play Store, then tap Settings. Next, in the Auto-Update apps option, choose the “Auto update apps over Wi-Fi only” option. That’s it.

For iPhone users, you need to do this for each app. You can do this by going to Settings from your home screen. Then, tap General and select the Storage & iCloud Usage tab. From there, you can check if the auto update feature in each app is enabled by default. You can just turn this on and enable it whenever you want to check for any app updates.

These two methods are the simplest and most effective ways to efficiently manage the data consumption of your Android device and iPhone. You can also conserve the data storage space of your Android and iOS devices when you follow these methods. You might want to share this with your family and friends, so they can also benefit from these methods. If you have any other methods and tips to recommend, then feel free to use the comments box below.

Omer Cetin