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New drone regulations issued by the FAA

drone regulations

Drones are the latest trend right now and everybody, no matter if we’re talking about amateurs or pros, are craving to get a new one, especially since a lot of models are available for great prices on Black Friday. Still, before making a purchase, you should be aware of the latest drone regulations, since these aren’t your regular devices that you can figure out without reading the instructions manual.

According to PC World, before taking your drone for a quick flying session, you should be aware of a few aspects that will keep you out of trouble.

Don’t get too high, there are…planes and choppers out there

The drone regulations state that you should go higher than 400 feet, otherwise you risk entering the controller airspace, which begins at 500 feet. If you go higher, you might as well collide with aircraft and helicopters.

Moving on, you need to avoid flying when there are bad weather conditions outside and the wind is strong. Since most drones are light, they can be taken away by a powerful blow.

If you’re planning to take footage with your quadcopter and make a business out of this, you need a special permit for the FAA and obey a couple of restrictions and requirements. On the other side, if you’re doing this just as a hobby, everything is OK.

The official drone registering program is not ready

Finally, one of the most discussed aspects when it comes to drones is the registration program. Even though the FAA is moving forward from this point of view, there’s no such thing for the moment, but more details should be unveiled this December. Therefore, besides going through the drone regulations, you will also need to fill out a simple online form, with name and address. Keep your eyes on any official news regarding the program and stay away for fake programs, which are already available.


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