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Mysterious Destinations in Kyiv

One day a tourist may feel tired of regular tours, visits to museums, and shooting historical monuments. Naturally, there is no doubt about their beauty regardless of your location. In fact, every place on Earth has something to wonder or disappoint. Anyhow, a traditional set of attractions to visit is not enough and a traveler’s interest tends to an idea of some mysterious and unpopular places. If you visit, you will find out a plenty of useful tips and routes to spend a good time in the capital city of Ukraine. Nevertheless, if you are still hungry for adventures and extraordinary destinations, the following spots will reduce your cravings.

Yaroslav the Wise’s Back
Although the monument to Yaroslav the Wise is not an extraordinary destination, it has a subtle but interesting feature. The author of the sketch of this monument, Mr. Kavaleridze, did not plan to implement it to life in the initial form. It was one of the projects and the sculptor chose the other version. The current monument was installed in the times of independence of Ukraine according to the sketch found in the sculptor’s workshop. Another strange feature of the monument is three male palms prints on the back of Yaroslav the Wise. History is silent about the reason of this fact but you can reassure in its existence by looking at the monument from the back.

Location: directly in front of Golden Gate

Gargoyle on Velyka Zhytomyrska

Some certain districts of Kyiv have patrons. Moreover, this feature is associated with some streets either. Thus, the Velyka Zhytomyrska Street has an own protector represented by a gargoyle, which keeps an eye on the street from the facade of the house No. 8. A gargoyle is a dragon-like snake, which, according to a legend, lived in the Seine River in France. It possessed a huge power disgorging water. The Kyiv gargoyle seems to be kinder. You may even see a smile on its face. By the way, a gargoyle is a typical chimera. Kyiv has another destination famous for its extravagance the House with Chimeras. However, the creatures on the house are not mythical but those hunted by the architect Horodetsky in Africa.

There are several versions why the architect Bobrusov put a chimera on the house on the Velyka Zhytomyrska Street. According to one of them, the house owner, Mr. Rogovsky, was fond of spiritualistic sessions and held them only in the room adjoining to the mystic gargoyle.

Location: Velyka Zhytomyrska Street, 8.

Garbage Truck Monument
This is the only monument dedicated to garbage truck in the world. It is located in the capital city of Ukraine near the Berkovtsy cemetery. A profession of garbage worker also deserves a monument. According to this idea, the workers of the Kyiv transport company initiated an installation of such extraordinary monument. It took place in 2004 on the occasion of the 35 anniversary of Kyivspetstrans (transport company) and the 10 anniversary of the Ukrainian association of automobile companies of sanitary cleaning.

Location: Hazoprovidna Street, 2.

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