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Top 10 Most Popular Online Games 2016

Thinking of a way to keep yourself busy? Then think no further as there are some amazing online games you play to keep boredom away and at the same time increase your problem solving capacity.

The top popular games for the year 2016 include;

1. League of legends
Also known as LOL it is a reflex building and strategic thinking game. It allows you to have multiple players who can assume the role of a summoner who is unseen. This “summoner” controls a “champion” who has special abilities and fights against a team of other players or computer-controlled champions. This game was published by RIOT GAMES and was inspired by Warcraft III.

2. Hearthstone: Hero’s of war craft
This game is a multiple player turn-based card game. In this game, each opponent is allowed to make use of constructed decks, each made up of thirty cards along with a selected hero who has some type of special ability and powers. As a player, your aim is to bring down the opponents health level to zero. This game was created by BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT and built on the Warcraft series, with the same creatures, characters and relics from the series. It can support Microsoft Windows and OS X personal computers, iOS and Android devices.

3. Overwatch
In this game, team players are put teams of six, and each player in the six man team (if you would say so) is permitted to choose one of the many pre-defined hero characters with special abilities and movement. The game, Overwatch was launched by BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT and made for Microsoft Windows , Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

4. Dota 2
Dota stands for Defense of the Ancient. Dota 2 is a multiplayer game that streamlines the gameplay thereby enabling the player to control an entire army or a single Hero. So if you are seeking a game to test your heroic status Dota 2 is for you.

5. World of Warcraft
Have a fantasy of fighting in a war? Then play World of Warcraft. It is mostly a multiplayer online role-playing game. It is the fourth game to be released in the fantasy Warcraft universe series. This game was released by BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT in 2004.

6. Battle field
This game allows you a personal experience. It is part of a gaming series started in 2002, Battlefield is a first-person shooter game that started out on Microsoft Windows and OS X. The game was developed by Swedish company EA DICE and then published by American company ELECTRONIC ARTS.

7. Minecraft
Minecraft is a game where people create their pen experiences and it is a sandbox independent video game. Literally it is just a game where people dig into sands to collect blocks, but what matters is what you do with your blocks. Since the blocks counts you could create things from little buildings to giant landscapes. It is created by MOJANG COMPANY. It comes in different versions which were designed especially for different operating systems like, windows phones, android,PlayStation4 , iOS, Xbox One. It is also popular on social networks like Facebook.

8. World of tanks
The features of this game include War gaming’s fighting vehicles and enough amour to fight a good fight. It is a multiplayer online game and team based focused on armored warfare in the mid-20th century. If you love to be a soldier this game is for you. This game was developed by a BELARUSIAN-CYPRIOT COMPANY.

9. Diablo III
Interested in crushing monsters? Then try Diablo III. It allows players to utilize the environment to aid in their adventure of chasing and crushing monsters. This game was produced by BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT.

10. Counter-strike: Global Offensive
Counter-strike: Global Offensive is the fourth game of CS-franchise. The game was delevoped and released in August 21, 2012 by Valve Corporation and Hidden Path Entertainment. It is one of the most played online games in the world. In 2012, Counter-strike Global Offensive was the best-selling video game with more than 12.000.000 copies during the year.

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