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Microsoft and HP Enterprise agreed on a cloud partnership

Two of the biggest companies in the tech industry, Microsoft and HP Enterprise, revealed new details about their hybrid cloud partnership, according to Computer World. The deal will result in a new hardware product, integrated with Azure cloud platform, while HP Enterprise will build its software, taking advantage of Microsoft’s offerings.

HP will use Azure on all servers

The same source mentions that any company interested in integrating Azure with HP Enterprise’s on-premises systems can purchase the Hyper-Converged 250 for Microsoft Cloud Platform System Standard. The appliance brings together the Azure platform and HP Enterprise’s ProLiant technology.

Even more, HP Enterprise will allow Azure consumption and services on all of its servers, so the current customers can enjoy the new hybrid cloud development. Besides this, it will bring more of its application lifecycle management, security software and big data to Azure, as another part of the partnership between the two companies.

Currently, HP Enterprise’s Quality Center and LoadRunner services are already available through the Azure marketplace. After the deal is completed, more of the services will be available in Microsoft’s cloud.

HP employees will receive new certifications

As for the consulting department, HP will certify 5000 people as Azure Cloud Architects, alongside providing services for clients of the Global Services consulting arm.

Finally, Microsoft will become part of HP Enterprise Composable Infrastructure Partner Program, working on the integration between System Center and OneView tools. On the other side, HP Enterprise will begin selling the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite and Office 365 to its customers, alongside Azure.