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Microgaming Are Adding Four Great New Games This May

Top slots production company Microgaming are set to add four exciting new slots games to their portfolio this May, with early previews suggesting these are going to be some of the most popular releases this year. While each of these releases features that special Microgaming gold dust – sublime graphics and immersive game play – there’s a little twist with this month’s releases. Each of the four games are designed to offer a unique challenge, with contrasting features, themes and of course ways to win!

All quality online casinos with a Microgaming license will be able to host these brand new games, with Fruity King already declaring that they’ll be among the first in line. Don’t forget to pick up your Fruity King Promotion Code to enjoy all those sweet bonus spins and take a taste of each of these brand new releases.

Candy Dreams

Arguably the most exciting of this month’s new slots releases, Candy Dreams offers players a staggering 720 different ways to win. Using bright, fun and sweet fruity colors players work their way towards a potential jackpot of an amazing 110 000 credits! There’s two scatter symbols to assist players on their way, each offering a range of free spins and the possibility of releasing a ‘wild card’ feature that multiplies the number of winning combinations. It’s simply beautiful to play, and set to be one of the most enjoyable slots of the year.

Forbidden Throne

Who doesn’t like a little swords and sorcery with their slots? This fantasy themed new slot tells the story of the player trying to discover the secrets behind the mysterious Forbidden Throne, with plenty of thrills and spills along the way. Featuring a 40 fixed line interface with at least one stacked wild card guaranteed on each spin. Should the player hit a line with five wilds the return is a generous 500x! Lower matches return 10, 20 or 30 free spins so you can be sure that this is a slot that’s definitely rewarding to enjoy.

Fortune Girl

Surprisingly there’s not been that many Manga themed slots released so far, and Fortune Girl is looking like it may be set to reverse that trend. This is a slot all about Fortune Girl’s stack of treasure, with the 15 line game featuring the masterpieces of her collection. Fittingly given the theme a magic lion is used as the lucky scatter symbol, where players have the opportunity to multiply their own fortunes many times over. This progressive slot includes a multiplier trail where players can follow in Fortune Girl’s footsteps towards a maximum 5x bonus. It’s a great looking slot with artwork that really does justice to the Manga world.

Goldwyn’s Fairies

Nothing beats fairies when it comes to good luck magic, and this slot features one of the most generous free spin returns we’ve seen in quite a while. Featuring five wheels, twenty lines and three wild symbols these friendly fairies will do their very best to help the player find Goldwyn. Every time she appears free spins and spells are released, with hopefully scatter symbols materializing on the first, third and fifth wheel. When this happens there’s a chance that the player may score the magical fifteen wilds – and then the rewards can be very enchanting indeed!

So each of these four new slots from Microgaming continue their tradition of being the best and brightest company out there. They’re great additions to their already incredible range of slots, and each offers a very unique style of gaming that is sure to keep fans coming back for more. Make the most of those free spin promotions and give each of these new releases a try; there’s not a dud among them.

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