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McDonald’s is getting ready for a big comeback

Fast-food restaurants chain McDonald’s might be the subject of a very big surprise, as their upcoming fourth quarter sales and earning report might reveal that they’re on the way to the best stats from the latest four years, says Modern Readers.

Wall Street has also very high hopes for McDonald’s after a very long time, analysts predicting that the company will exploit the momentum that began in the second part of the past year.In Q3 2015, McDonald’s registered a same-store sales growth of 0.9%, the first sales increase in two years.

Seems like a good CEO can do wonders

Of course, there are a few reasons behind the growth. First of all, CEO Steven Easterbrook announced the launch of an all-day breakfast back in October, a move that required nine months of planning.

When McDonald’s decides upon new menu items, several things are taken into consideration, like demographics and the location of the restaurants.

“Operational efficiency has actually moved down in the ranks of priority because we want to focus most of all on the food,” said McDonald’s VP of Menu Strategy Lance Richards. “There’s an openness to really going after the consumer that’s so refreshing. I think there’s some bright days ahead.”

A lot of diversity was brought to the restaurant chain’s menu

Mr. Easterbrook solved up way more problems. Besides adding new burgers in the menu, also introduced the options for clients to customize their sandwiches. Basically, he followed his plan of turning McDonald’s into a “modern progressive burger company”.

Finally, McDonald’s shares rose more than 25% in 2015, surpassing some of their traditional rivals, like Burger King, Wendy’s, KFC of Taco Bell. As for this year’s results, shares are just 2% from their all-time high.

Overall, the results are impressive and the company will most likely deliver some great results this Monday.