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A Look At the Massive Rise in Popularity of Mobile Casinos

The Rise of Mobile Gambling

Many already know that online casinos are extremely popular, but what some people don’t know is that online casinos are now 100% accessible on mobile devices. It seems almost like some science fiction future, but it is entirely possible in today’s world of powerful handheld devices and blistering fast internet speeds. It is possible, in other words, to have a portable casino right in your pocket, take it out at any time and play online roulette for real money, multiplayer poker with opponents from around the world, and hundreds of different slots games all in the palm of your hand.

In Canada anyone can access online casinos, at any time, without any fear of breaking the law. Online casinos are all 100% legal and fall under existing gambling rules and regulations. Every online casino is regularly audited, and any establishment not following the rules is immediately shut down and taken offline. If visiting an online casino in Canada, be sure to take a quick look for the logo that declares the website licensed. The online world being as big as it is, there are a few unscrupulous casinos out there, although few and far between.

Impact of Mobile Gaming on Industry

There have been many mutterings and rumours about mobile casinos killing land based casinos, which stands to reason. Why, after all, would a person bother going to a land based casino, when they could get the exact same entertainment right on their phone? This should spell the demise of land based casinos, leaving them as big empty relics of a bygone age. Shouldn’t it?

It may surprise some, but the rise of online casinos and mobile casinos has not had any noticeable negative impact on land based casinos. It should always be remembered that land based casinos offer far more than just casino games. There is live entertainment, luxury restaurants, and even health and beauty spas, all of which draw customers. It is not likely that an online or mobile casino is able to compete in these spheres, so land based casinos have a draw all of their own.

If anything, online casinos may very well increase the business of land based casinos. After new customers are introduced to games online, they may very well head off to a local gaming venue to experience them offline. Players who enjoy mobile online slots may well want to give their real life counterparts a spin, and others who prefer table games are sure to want to test their skills at a real table at some stage or another.

Versatility and Convenience Promotes Mobile Gaming

One of the best things about mobile casinos is that they are extremely quick and convenient to access. A player can simply navigate to an online casino in their smartphone or tablet’s web browser, enter the website in the usual fashion, and beginning playing. The game will load in the browser and be ready in just a few seconds, depending on the speed of the device internet connection. Many online casinos also offer dedicated iOS and Android compatible free applications that can be downloaded, which provide more direct and streamlined access to games.

It is true that mobile gaming is overtaking desktop gaming and that the mobile industry simply keeps expanding. The growth of mobile casinos has been tremendous and as further tech advancements are made, it’s sure to evolve even further.

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