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Looking Good on Wedding Day

What’s it take to look good for those once in a lifetime wedding pictures? Your wedding day is chock full of hustle, bustle, and bother. There are so many things to do, so many details to worry about. And, these include those hectic post ceremony wedding pictures.

Corralling the wedding party and the respective family members for their formal pics can be a real headache that’s even bigger than the accomplished wedding photographer. So, here’s a few alternative tips.

Make up

This will be the most photographed day of a bride’s life. And, it is a very long day, indeed, from breakfast, preparation, dressing, ceremony, reception, and departure. The day stretches into the night, and you risk changes in lighting, humidity, and weather.

Brides don’t need shimmer, glitter, or drama. Even if you can afford professional assistance that morning, a simple process serves you better. It’s not the right time to experiment or go without a practice trial. You can shop conveniently at quality cosmetic counters or work with your neighborhood beautician for colors and applications that work best for you. But, it needs to be simple enough that you can touch it up on your own during the day.

Bridal Gown

Most brides have seen themselves in a wedding dress of their dreams throughout their lives. And, a first tendency may be to go for a Cinderella look, romantic but perhaps overwhelming for your body type, the practical requirements of the day, and the photos you want to last a lifetime.

The Azazie Jodie bridal gown, for example, is modest yet modern. Chiffon and lace with a V-neckline, the gown has a sweep train off its trumpet skirt. Slit to the knee and pleated to the waist, it makes a classic impression without taking things away from your face and hair.

Or, the Azazie Paulette bridal gown is slim and contemporary, a sexy choice for afternoon and evening. An A-line silhouette of chiffon and lace has a spaghetti strap halter neckline and illusion panel in the back. Three-dimensional floral appliques add just enough flattering detail to this classic and simple look.


Give some real thought ahead of time to the bridal pictures you want. You don’t want to leave it to a wedding photographer who may or may not be familiar with the venue. Give it some time and walk about the church or chapel to check out particularly photogenic backgrounds. Take advantage of natural backgrounds and weather conditions, but have a fallback location if weather does not permit.

You’d be smart to assign wedding party and family members to gather those needed for the individual groupings. And, you’d be smarter still to schedule your formal bridal portrait for a studio shoot before the wedding day – if you’re not worried about the groom seeing your gown.
And, to make that portrait or your best photos into something more permanent and memorable, you can convert the picture into a professionally executed oil portrait. That goes for that special pet you included in the wedding party as ring-bearer. Instapainting custom portraits will take one or more of your wedding pics and change them into a fully textured oil portrait of your happiest day.

Your wedding day brings stresses you can reduce or eliminate with planning and care. With enough forethought and intelligent research and shopping, you can look, dress, and remember the occasion as you once dreamed.

Omer Cetin