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Lines of Credit for Small Business Owners: What You Should Know

Both large and small businesses try as much as possible to receive a line of credit on which they can rely whenever a need arises. Unlike a loan, where businesses are lent a particular amount all at once and then must repay the loan over a period of time, a line of credit allows the entrepreneur to obtain additional money up to the limit whenever it is needed. A business can choose to use only part of the line of credit or use part now and part later. This benefit has made it one of the most important financial tools for small businesses. They can take advantage of one of the many options available. Here are popular options.

Short-Term Line of Credit

As the name suggests, these are loans that are offered over the short term. Entrepreneurs must quickly repay this type of loan. Other characteristics of this line of credit include higher interest rates and a lower credit limit. It may be offered to a business that has not yet established a good relationship with a lender. A positive for this type of line of credit is the ease of application and minimal requirements. Almost any business can acquire it since the lenders are focused on earning more from the higher interest rates.

Traditional Line of Credit

If your business has been in operation for long enough and gained more experience, this is the financial assistance to go for. The lenders will look at the business model that you operate and determine whether you qualify or not. Unlike the short term-line of credit, this has a higher limit for the money you can borrow per specified period and highly negotiated interest rates. The main uses for this are to pay for some operational costs like paying bills, closing the payroll and taking care of emergencies. According to experts from Boostcredit101, any big business should go for this line of credit because it has many benefits.

Invoice-Based Line of Credit

Businesses that have numerous invoices coming in may need to pay them although their customers have not paid. It could be difficult to obtain funds from any other source or get a loan every month. Lenders can supply the money to pay all the invoices that a business has up to a certain limit. The interest rates are fair because the lenders understand the importance of maintaining this relationship. As a business, this is the right move to retain your best suppliers by paying your monthly invoices in time. This way, your business credit score will also improve.

Equipment-Based Line of Credit

This works well for small business owners who have some assets they can use as collateral. The lenders may not be interested in past financial history to provide you a line of credit. What matters is whether or not the business has enough assets that can be seized if you default. However, they must assess the equipment periodically to determine whether it has depreciated and to what value. If need be, they will base the line of credit on additional equipment that you have recently bought.

With the above lines of credit, most businesses are able to operate at an optimum level and achieve their goals. Check if your business can qualify for any of these and apply.

Beatrice Santos