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Lab Relocation: Guide to Keep your Equipment Safe

Having a laboratory can be a very helpful and amazing thing. It will also have a lot of very sensitive and expensive equipment. No matter what type of lab it is, from a biological or medical lab to a music lab you are going to have a lot of specialized equipment. A lot of things can happen that are unforeseen, the company sells off its equipment or perhaps they have decided to relocate to a better building. This is when these companies need to be extremely careful about how they transport their equipment. You need to keep a lot of things in mind when thinking about lab relocation, such as the type of transportation that will be used as well as the professionalism of the people that are doing the work for you.

Tips to Think About

No matter how many rooms or buildings that your lab may have there are certain protocols and steps that need to be followed when it comes to relocating a lab and all of its contents. Some of the equipment can easily store in boxes and be transported, however, there are a large portion of equipment and experiments that need to be properly stored and made sure it is safe to transport.

These are just a few tips that you need to be sure to follow when it finally comes to moving day:

  • Be sure that all of your information from machines that are being moved is logged and backed up on another device or drive before you shut down and unplug anything.
  • Take plenty of pictures of everything that is set up before disassembling it so that you have some sort of reference to use when putting it all back together again.
  • Every piece of equipment has its own users guide that should be read and followed completely to assure proper handling.
  • Be sure that any cords and wires or any small external parts are secured with bubble wrap and or zip ties to keep from getting tangled and lost.
  • Any larger equipment may need to be secured to a skid in order to be moved.
  • Make sure to follow all instructions for this process.
  • If you have any chemicals or other types of things that could be hazardous, you need to be sure that you have professional help from someone that is licensed to handle these types of things to keep from causing severe problems.

Once you have taken the time to do all of these things then all you need is to start moving everything to its new location.

Apple and It’s New Lab

Apple is one of those companies that everyone across the globe will know. The make a lot of mobile devices as well as computers that people use every day. From iPhones to iPads and more. They recently bought a display lab in Taiwan. One of the main reasons that they did this is to help them cut costs and avoid the use of third party clients.

Apple has created dozens of jobs to help make the world more streamlined and as small and thin as possible. This is just one of many companies in the world with laboratories that are dedicated to ensuing the betterment of mankind. These labs like any other are usually packed with all kinds of equipment that, should they need to be relocated, they can do it with ease and not have to worry about lost or broken products.

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