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KFC home delivery to make its debut in San Francisco and L.A.

kfc home delivery

Ordering food is one of the most common thing one can do, but not if it’s from KFC, as until now, the Colonel’s restaurant wasn’t delivering its chicken menus to customers’ homes. According to CBS SF Bay Area, the first cities where the KFC home delivery service will be available are San Francisco and Los Angeles, while other locations should follow in the near future.

A first for U.S. customers

This is the first time the KFC home delivery service is available in the United States. Starting with this week, people from LA and SF are able to order any of their favorite menus, while, by the end of the year, Houston citizens will also have access to the service.

According to the above-mentioned source, KFC is working with online delivery company DoorDash. Customers who want to enjoy some chicken, biscuits or colesaw from KFC need to place the order through DoorDash’s mobile app or website though.

Still, as great as this might sound, the KFC home delivery service won’t be available for cheap. The delivery fees will be between $4.99 and $6.99, depending on the location. Also, some products might cost a bit more, compared to restaurants, but the value meals will have the same price. Finally, all items from the restaurants will be available for ordering.

More locations to offer the service soon

From a total of over 4300 restaurants based in the United States, 100 of them are expected to use the KFC home delivery service. After this number is reached, the fast food chain will consider expanding the service to other locations.

As interesting as this service might be for U.S.-based citizens, it’s not actually a first for the company. Restaurants in Egypt, Malaysia or China are already using it. The latter even considers expanding the KFC home delivery service, due to the positive feedback received.


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