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How to Jailbreak iPhone 6 with PC in 15 Easy Steps!

Want to know how to jailbreak iPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus or 6s Plus using your Windows computer? Just breeze through this quick and simple guide, and you’ll learn how to safely do this in no time!

Still having second thoughts? Well, let’s start with the top 5 reasons why many users want to jailbreak iPhone 6.

Top 5 Reasons for Jailbreaking iPhone 6

Yeah, the iOS environment is pretty much closed for any type of customization. Many users want to break through this wall of conformity and explore greener pastures, so to speak. Without any further ado – Here are their top 5 reasons why they chose to jailbreak iPhone 6:

1. Many users say they want to improve the look and feel of the lock screen. It’s pretty dull and boring as it is by default – Just the time, some notifications, and that’s it!

Additionally, users do feel that the screen size of the iPhone isn’t big enough to watch movies. Hence, they opt for other solutions like mini projectors where they can enhance the size easily.

If you want to spice up how your iPhone 6 looks with a locked screen, then jailbreaking your device can give you the space that you want for your creative ideas. Some tweaks can help you do this, such as Convergence.

This provides you with multiple lock screens that you can swipe through to access the things that you want – All that functionality, without unlocking your iPhone 6!

2. A lot of them also want to use apps that aren’t published in iTunes or the App Store. Many of these are available in Cydia, which is known as the iTunes and App Store for jailbroken iPhones. Give this app repository a quick run-through, and you’ll know how they feel!

3. Some users want to set different apps as their default apps. This is only possible with jailbroken iPhones.

For example, many users want to set Google Chrome as the default browser in iPhone 6, instead of Safari. With all the apps that you have – This can give you countless options!

4. A lot of iPhone 6 users say they want to customize Control Center. It’s a bit of a drag to most users as how it is by default.

So, by jailbreaking iPhone 6, you’ll be able to add some functionality to Control Center through tweaks like FlipControlCenter and others. You can even hide Control Center altogether – Just use a tweak called HideCC!

5. Many users say jailbreaking their iPhone 6 gives them more protection through Touch ID. Of course, what they’re really saying is this allows them to add a touch of creativity to some features of Touch ID (pardon the pun).

Using tweaks like BioLockdown can for example add Touch ID security to certain settings. This includes disabling Wi-Fi connectivity, sending messages, using specific apps and so on – Possibilities are near limitless!

Now that you have all these reasons to learn how to jailbreak iPhone 6 – Let’s start. You can just add your top reasons in the comment box at the end of this guide!

How to Jailbreak iPhone 6 Safely with a Windows Computer

Here’s how to jailbreak iPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus and 6s Plus on iOS 9.2 to 9.3.3. Only 64-bit versions are covered by this guide.

STEP 1. Create a complete backup of your iPhone 6 data. Better safe than sorry. Doing this will allow you to restore your original settings and data in case something goes terribly wrong.

STEP 2. Disable Find My iPhone in your device. Also deactivate your passcode. Then, connect your iPhone 6 to your Windows PC using its USB cable.

STEP 3. Download and install iTunes for Windows in your PC. Already have it? Good. You can move on to step 4. Just remember to set iTunes to trust your Windows PC, and your computer to trust your iPhone 6.

STEP 4. Download PP / Pangu to your Windows PC from – This is a jailbreak tool that’s designed for Windows PCs.

STEP 5. Right-click on the installer and choose “Run As Administrator”. Then, click “Yes” if Windows prompts you to trust the publisher or to trust the app (in case Windows Firewall is actively running in your PC).

STEP 6. Click the only button in the window that appears. The download and installation process for the actual jailbreak tool will then start.

STEP 7. After the tool has been successfully installed in your PC, right-click on the PP icon in your desktop. Select “Run As Administrator”. Follow any succeeding prompts that might ask for your permission to trust the tool. Of course, trust it.

STEP 8. The tool will then initialize and begin to try and detect your iPhone 6. Once detected, click the green button in the tool’s UI.

STEP 9. Wait for the tool to prompt you for an Apple ID. You can enter a phoney Apple ID if you want. Then, click the green button.

STEP 10. After a few minutes, you’ll notice a Pangu/PP app icon in the Home screen of your iPhone 6. Don’t go here. Instead, go to Settings first. Next, go to General then Device Management.

STEP 11. Tap the profile for the Pangu / PP app. Select Trust. Then, in the pop-up prompt, tap the red button. Go to the Home screen of your iPhone 6 afterwards.

STEP 12. Launch the Pangu / PP app. When prompted, allow push notifications. Then, tap the circle, and wait for it to turn into a line.

STEP 13. Lock your device. Wait for a notification to appear. Another prompt will appear, indicating that your data storage space is being used because Cydia is being installed. Just allow it to install.

STEP 14. Wait for your iPhone 6 to reboot. When it does, you’ll notice a Cydia icon in your Home screen.

STEP 15. Launch Cydia. Wait for it to prepare the file system and re-load data. Cydia will do this each time you run it.

That’s it – Congratulations for safely jailbreaking your iPhone 6 through this untethered method! Remember, you need to do the steps above each time you reboot your device. You’ll be able to use Cydia again when you do this.

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