Jack Dorsey could be appointed as Twitter CEO

Jack Dorsey could be appointed as Twitter CEO

Lately, there has been a lot of fuzz on Wall Street and not only, cause by the apparently never ending pursuit of finding a new Twitter CEO. According to USA Today, investor Chris Sacca has once again reunited the social network’s board in order to convince the directors to appoint Jack Dorsey as the new CEO.

The “Jack as a CEO” saga started two months ago

Apparently, Dorsey has the full support of the most important players at Twitter and it was praised by Chris Sacca in a series of tweets: “Employees, users, media partners, advertisers, and even recruits all love @jack”

Everything started back in July, when former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo resigned and Dorsey, one of the company’s co-founders took over as interim CEO. Naturally, they started searching for a replacement, but it took more than everybody expected. Even more, Sacca accused the board for making the this take way too much time.

Jack Dorsey’s candidacy has been complicated by the fact that he also holds the same position at another company. To be more specific, he’s also the CEO of Square, a digital payments company, expected to be available for a public offering soon.

Playing on two sides

Therefore, with him working as the Twitter CEO and doing the same job at Square, the social media network might deal with issues, even though he’s been doing this for a few months now.

The company’s board ‘problem’ with him is that lately, he sent a couple of tweets that were considered as destructive for the company’s image, but this doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have big chances to finally becoming the full-time Twitter CEO the company needs.

Currently, there’s no official position from Twitter, as the company’s spokesman, Jim Prosser, declined to comment.

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