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Improve your gut health with these foods

With more than one thousand species of bacteria present inside the guts, most researchers believe that the human body cannot survive without them. The microbiomes inside your gut do the useful work for the body and allow you to perform essential tasks. Microbes can help us produce vitamins and minerals and digest food. They also keep us safe from catching infections or diseases.

Microbes are crucial for your overall health. They help build the body and sculpt organs as we grow older. They have the ability to influence our thought process and our behavior. Studies have shown the microbiomes can have an influence on the mood and personality of an individual. It is important to note that different biomes will play a different role in the human body. With more diversity, they bring in more skills to the body and work in unison to improve your health and wellbeing.

When it comes to considering the numbers, there are more than 1000 present in your mouth, about 150 behind your ear, 440 in the forearm and thousands in the intestine. They are present in every part of the body and play a significant role in keeping the body in sync and keeping it active. You need to maintain a strong balance between the different types of biomes that are present inside the human body. There is both, good bacteria and bad bacteria which means you need to ensure that your body maintains a balance between the two.

Foods you should eat

To build a healthy microbiome, you need to consume fermented foods. These include pickled cabbage, miso soup and live yogurt. Additionally, you should consume bananas, garlic, whole grains and artichokes. It will ensure that your body has the right amount of fiber. You also need to concentrate on the below listed foods in order to enhance the good bacteria.

Jerusalem artichokes

The food is high inulin and it gives a very strong prebiotic potential. It is a fiber that can travel into the body from the large intestine and has the ability to reach the colon. It will then turn into healthy microflora. To gain high quantity of inulin, you need to consume leeks, bananas, asparagus and onions.


There are a number of benefits of eating bananas regularly. It not only restores the health of bacteria community but also reduces inflammation and helps maintain a balance in the community. It is ideal for an upset stomach.


This is a carbohydrate which is high on fiber and is corn based. It will travel to your colon directly and will ferment into different strands of gun flora. It helps foster a healthy gut.


Broccoli is a highly recommended food because of the amount of sulfur it contains. This sulfur is broken down by the microbes to release substances that help in the reduction of inflammation and also eliminate the risk of bladder, breast, lung, liver, stomach and colon cancer. It shows effective results in the long term and it helps substantially reduce the risk of any type of cancer.


Blueberries have the ability to change the microbiota and enhance the immune function. They are considered as a superfood due to the fiber, vitamin K compounds and antioxidants present in them. It has shown impressive results in the past and helps strengthen the memory as well as diversity in the bacteria in the gut which improves the immune system.


Beans are the perfect food to feed the good bacteria and enhance the immune system. Legumes release the fatty acids that strengthen the intestine cells and also improve the absorption of micronutrients inside the body. They offer fiber, calories, nutrition, vitamin B as well as proteins to the human body and help regulate the good gut health in addition to assisting in weight loss.

Miso and tempeh

Fermented foods have the power to improve your gut health and foods like miso and tempeh inoculate the gut with a number of healthy microorganisms that will crowd the unhealthy bacteria and will get rid of them. The foods improve the ability of absorption of materials and will improve your overall health.

If you are unable to consume these foods in the right quantity, you can opt for microbe formula cleanse supplements which will help you get rid of the toxins from your body and ensure that only the good bacteria remains. These supplements stick inside the gut and change the microbiome balance which shows long term results for the human body and mind.

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